Slides: Developing a Learning Strategy for Mobile and Social (Keynote)

How should a modern organization factor in mobile devices and social technologies into their learning programs? That’s the exact question the Altimeter Group was posed with to answer for the mLearnCon 2011 conference today in San Jose.

In fact, we found that there’s six distinct disruptions that need to be harnessed which we call the:

Framework: The Mobile & Social Learning Honeycomb
These six ‘cells’ so to speak have 6 opportunities to take advantage of, they include:

  1. Who Creates: From Expert to Crowd
  2. Who Learns: From Siloed to Group
  3. What Curriculum Is: From Static to Dynamic
  4. When It Takes Place: From Fixed Time to Time-Shifted
  5. Where it takes place: From Fixed Location to Anywhere
  6. How it is consumed: From Comprehensive to Component-based

A big thanks to Researcher Andrew Jones (TwitterBlog), and Research Intern Andy Nguyen (Twitter), for their help on this research.

Framework: Mobile & Social Learning Honeycomb
Above: Framework: Mobile & Social Learning Honeycomb

Update: Clark Quinn created this mindmap of the presentation, thanks Clark. I’ll cross link to any reviews, just leave a comment, here’s a photo from the back of the room, a couple hundred folks, and see this wrap up from David Kelly.

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  1. Hello, I’d really like to view your presentation but all I see is a dark screen for each slide! I get the same when I go to the Slideshare website. I’ve tried on multiple browsers and two computers. Is there another way I can view the presentation?

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