Altimeter Report: Power to the People, Your Mobile Workforce

The term “mobile” is an amorphous term that can be applied to nearly every digital and technology strategy. So where should companies start? This report outlines a pragmatic approach based on: 1) Conducting a mobility audit 2) Examining Roles 3) Then choosing technology and partners choices.

It’s important you understand that one size doesn’t fit all needs; know that a different strategy is needed for each persona needs –don’t choose technology partners first, then force it into the org. While this seems common sense for most, many are not approaching with this needs based approach first.

Altimeter’s latest research report on how corporations should systematically develop a mobile strategy for their workforce is now published by Analyst Chris Silva. As the editor of this report, it was exciting to see from Chris and Jessica Groopman (researcher) how there were clear use cases surfacing, but also learning how corporations struggle on where to start.

Role-Based Mobile Use Cases
Above: Understand the roles of each worker persona require different mobile strategies

Technology Provider Showcase
Above: Once you’ve gone through steps 1 and 2 to first do internal research, you can choose from some of these potential technology providers.

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