How You Use Me: Web Strategy Results 2/3

Earlier this week, I published my findings from the survey to find out who reads the web strategy blog (part 1/3). Now that we have a good sense of who’s in the community, let’s see how you use me. By the way, I’m extremely happy that you use me, as I’m publishing these thoughts and content so you trust me, expand my platform, you’ll grow with me, and eventually work with me. Here are the findings of how people use this blog, see the finding, my thoughts, and the associated data. Please note this data was compiled by an official Forrester survey, over 88 responses. A bit of humility… These findings are overall positive, and I’m gracious and thankful for … Continue readingHow You Use Me: Web Strategy Results 2/3

Before you breakup with Twitter…

Twitter has been down quite a bit, in fact, according to royal pingdom, they’re the social network that has been down the most over Q1, 2008. Most suggest it’s due to the lack of ability to scale, and as more and more users come, and more and more friend connections come, you can see how infinity complex the site becomes as people (like me) pump out thousands of messages to thousands of users. If the volume of messages on twitter were graphed, it would be a quickly accelerating curve, getting steeper and steeper. With that said, web users (like myself) are fickle, we find the lowest barriers to communicate, go there, and tell others. In fact, I’ve noticed many conversations … Continue readingBefore you breakup with Twitter…

Web Strategy Survey Results Now Available

Before I went on vacation, I asked you to provide me with raw, real feedback about this blog. 88 of you did, and I learned a lot, the highlights include: High Level Summary Overall, the readers of this blog are above satisfied with the blog, with the content and insights provided. Many readers are in the marketing services industry, at small companies and in the United States. There is room for improvement to add more case studies, and provide how to guides, and to improve grammar, and publish more succinctly. Read the rest of the results (only for the data geeks) there are tons of graphs, data, and qualitative feedback. You’ll learn: How sophisticated readers are with social media How … Continue readingWeb Strategy Survey Results Now Available

What do you think Compete does?

I’m having lunch with the CEO of Compete Scott Ernst, after speaking at his client event, we’re kidding each other about who’s blog is better, in fact there’s been two rankings about it, Ad age and we’re at a photo finish over at technobabble, . Many of you may be familiar with, but they do more than that. In his presentation I learned a lot more about what they do, but over lunch, I just told him that awareness is very low: “Until today, I had no idea these other services you provide”. He agreed, and I suggested we do a market test to ask people what they think I know from my recent survey that most of my … Continue readingWhat do you think Compete does?

You’re smarter I am, so don’t forget to read the comments

Left: Results from a survey: “How do you consume the content on Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang?” Well, that’s an understatement really. The readers of this blog are collectively smarter than any author, and I recognize that. If you’ve been reading me for a while, I ask questions, as I want to know what people think. I read every single comment, and often respond to comments , questions and followups. I recently ran a survey to find out how people are using my blog, and most are reading this blog via RSS in a feedreader, they’re not even visiting the site. While feedreaders are great for getting content when you want, where you want, and in the format you want, … Continue readingYou’re smarter I am, so don’t forget to read the comments

Build your own “IdeaStorm” with UserVoice

Embrace your Customers At Forrester, we use the term Embracing as a social strategy where customers and employees work together using social tools to build next-generation products. Quite a change for the strong headed product manager, who now has to set the roadmap, while in collaboration with customers. Popular Examples: Dell and Starbucks We’re all familiar with the popular Dell “Idea Storm” website that let customers vote for which features and products they wanted to be bore to the marketplace. In Dell’s case, the linux community asked for a UBUNTU box, which was created and launched and sold. I wish I was a fly on the wall when Dell’s strategic partners at Microsoft found out about this. Recently, Starbucks has … Continue readingBuild your own “IdeaStorm” with UserVoice

The Benefits of Blogs: Feedback (Why Sam is sending me back to school)

Apparently, Sam is sending me back to school. Sam Lawrence, CMO of Jive Software is one of our customers, and he’s reviewed the service that he’s received from Forrester and another analyst firm. One of scored a “C-”, and the other scored a “B”, read his report card to find out who scored what and why. Customers in every industry (even the Analyst industry) are being empowered by social media tools, they can directly talk to each other, share experiences, and make decisions –often without the marketer or sales person present. I’ve been preaching this on my blog and in presentations and at my former employers for nearly 4 years. Is this a disruption? Absolutely. I advise my clients that … Continue readingThe Benefits of Blogs: Feedback (Why Sam is sending me back to school)

Feedback on my Twitter Usage –I listened

I’m very conscious about listening to my community, it’s one of the practices I suggest to my clients, so I’d better eat my own dogfood. A few days ago, I asked you what you thought about my Twitter usage. Here’s the results, I took some time to count up the 89 comments that came in (some were not relevant) and tried to put them into buckets. I’m pretty anal, so being a researcher is really a good fit. At SXSW I met someone who works at a PR agency, most of the account managers are following my tweets, and some of them complained to him about my high frequency, ironic. Here’s what you said (please note some were subjective, I … Continue readingFeedback on my Twitter Usage –I listened

Meeting the Web Strategy Readers

I’ve been meeting a lot of folks that are readers of this Web Strategy blog here at SXSW. It’s overwhelmingly an amazing feeling to know that folks are improving their careers by learning, connecting with others, and finding links to other resources. Beyond the initial buzz of meeting all of you, I ask nearly everyone “how could the blog improve?” I’ve received a range of responses, including the following: “Be more transparent about your day job as an Analyst” “Don’t be afraid to proudly wave your Forrester reports, you’ve worked hard on them” “Make it easier for me to find information” “You post too damn much, slow down” Feel free to leave a suggestion below, style or content suggestions. The … Continue readingMeeting the Web Strategy Readers

Getting mixed signals about my Twitter Usage: Tell me what you think

On my twitter profile page, I have a link to a post that indicates how I use Twitter. I try to be forthcoming on what to expect. It’s also no secret that I tweet links to just about anything I think is interesting, add anyone who adds me, and I ask many questions to my network. I rarely talk about my ‘lunch’, and nearly everything I tweet about is related to social media, web marketing, business, and sometimes politics. On average, I’ve calculated I tweet about 15 times a day, pretty much once an hour per awake hour. For me, it is the most immediate conversation I can have, I love the interaction. Spectrum: My tweets are too much Last … Continue readingGetting mixed signals about my Twitter Usage: Tell me what you think