Getting mixed signals about my Twitter Usage: Tell me what you think

On my twitter profile page, I have a link to a post that indicates how I use Twitter. I try to be forthcoming on what to expect. It’s also no secret that I tweet links to just about anything I think is interesting, add anyone who adds me, and I ask many questions to my network. I rarely talk about my ‘lunch’, and nearly everything I tweet about is related to social media, web marketing, business, and sometimes politics. On average, I’ve calculated I tweet about 15 times a day, pretty much once an hour per awake hour. For me, it is the most immediate conversation I can have, I love the interaction.

Spectrum: My tweets are too much
Last night, Tom Foremski, a former colleague of mine and current friend, suggested that my tweets were becoming near “scoblish” due to frequency. Ted Shelton, entrepreneur and one of the leads at the Conversation Group whipped out his iPhone and showed how I’ve dominated his news feed as an example. Most people aren’t following as many as I am (I follow over 4000), so to me, I don’t appear to be dominating the main feed when I visit it, I’ll be revisiting my perspective to think bigger,sorry.

At the GSP conference, I warned folks that I’d be doing a blow-by-blow of what I thought was interesting, and about 3 people complained that it was too much. Of course, I let folks know on Twitter I’d cut back, but there were over 10 people who told me to keep it up, and those that don’t like it could simply unfollow. I shifted my behavior and put all my notes on blog posts instead.

Spectrum: Some would pay money for my tweets
On the other hand, Bill Johnston, who is one of the community manager mavens told me last week that he’d actually PAY MONEY for my tweets. He later followed it up, and said only a small amount of course (as my eyebrows went up, heh), as he says my links are a filter for him to all topics social media and I’m actually saving him time.

Also, the more I tweet, there’s intrinsic personal, career, and business benefits, the more I’m in the conversation the more I’m learning about the social media sphere I’m being paid to analyze, and it helps me get the word out about things that help what’s important to me. I also ask questions, to gauge responses, understand viewpoints, it fuels and focuses some of my research activities (but not all). I also noticed that it’s a great way to send traffic, I get 50-200 click throughs (from an engaged and opt-in audience) on anything I point to on twitter, and it costs me 5 seconds.

I continue to get more and more followers every day, and I think that’s great, but I really want to respect everyone’s experience, but at the same time, I know it will be impossible to please everyone.

Your opinion wanted
Social Media is about listening and about coming half way or more to those you’re trying to reach, and I’ll abide by that, so I’m asking you for your opinion.

So I’d like to take a blog poll, and get your feedback, if you’re a friend, client, colleague, vendor, whoever. Please be brutally honest, I don’t mind, I’ll be pretty damn honest with you about what I think, so I’d expect the same, besides, it’s in your best interest for your experience. If you’re feeling shy, feel free to leave an anonymous comment, but please chime in regardless.

Please respond on the comments below:

1) How are my tweets doing for you?

A) Too little
B) Just right
C) Too many

2) How is the content?
Open ended question

I’m listening, I really am, and your feedback will shape my actions.

Update: A few hours later
over 80 comments on the first day, I don’t even need to tally, but it’s clear that based upon the feedback of the community, that it’s suggested that I continue to tweet the same way as before. For those that find it too much, I don’t mind if you unsubscribe, in fact, I encourage it, as I don’t want to disrupt your experience.

I did learn a few things: I’ll strive to keep the value high (and not talk about my lunch) but will try to space out the tweets a little better, so I don’t totally disrupt your stream.

Thank you all for your honest feedback, I’m listening and reacting to your comments.

Updated: A week later
Being the anal guy I am (a good reason to be an analyst) I’ve tallied the results from the comments in the blog, see results.