Web Strategy Survey Results Now Available

Before I went on vacation, I asked you to provide me with raw, real feedback about this blog. 88 of you did, and I learned a lot, the highlights include:

High Level Summary
Overall, the readers of this blog are above satisfied with the blog, with the content and insights provided. Many readers are in the marketing services industry, at small companies and in the United States. There is room for improvement to add more case studies, and provide how to guides, and to improve grammar, and publish more succinctly.

Read the rest of the results (only for the data geeks) there are tons of graphs, data, and qualitative feedback.

You’ll learn:

How sophisticated readers are with social media
How they consume this blog
How often do they read
Does this blog help them with their job
How big their companies are
What titles they have
What industries they are from
Do I write too often?

I’m reading each response, and will use this to improve, be better, and continue to help build the community. Thank you again!


Jennifer Joseph of Forrester Research has posted her findings from all FOUR Forrester blogs, read her analysis, and see her slides.

4 Replies to “Web Strategy Survey Results Now Available”

  1. I’m really surprised how many people read the blog via RSS feeds. I feel like it takes out the community aspect of the blog. I really benefit from reading the comments left after each post and feel that others would too.

  2. RSS can also annoy a site’s ad sales team / advertisers if users aren’t visiting the site and viewing ads. Unless, that is, you carry whole stories in your RSS feed and insert some ads.

    Makes the case for branded content stronger though doesn’t it?

  3. Yup, RSS usage high. I encouraged readers to go check out the comments, (see a post a few days ago)

    Kevin, if I had an advertiser, I’d insert the ads in the lower part of my post.

  4. I just read this post via my feed reader and had no problem reading the comments. The RSS just makes it easier to organize all the stuff I need to read online — same community feel to me.
    Thanks, Jeremiah, for sharing the research results. As usual, you have been very helpful. I’m always amazed at how much I can learn from others’ blogs. And how eager people are to share what they know! Thanks!

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