Feedback on my Twitter Usage –I listened

I’m very conscious about listening to my community, it’s one of the practices I suggest to my clients, so I’d better eat my own dogfood.

A few days ago, I asked you what you thought about my Twitter usage. Here’s the results, I took some time to count up the 89 comments that came in (some were not relevant) and tried to put them into buckets. I’m pretty anal, so being a researcher is really a good fit.

At SXSW I met someone who works at a PR agency, most of the account managers are following my tweets, and some of them complained to him about my high frequency, ironic.

Here’s what you said (please note some were subjective, I had to force them into buckets, although there’s clearly a trend)

What you told me about my Twitter Usage:

1) How are my tweets doing for you?

A) Too little 4
B) Just right 43
C) Too many 8

2) How is the content?

40 respondents said it was positive
4 said it was mixed or varied
2 said it wasn’t relevant

14 people told me that I shouldn’t care about what anyone says, and just do what I want, since Twitter is opt in.

Well it’s no surprise that I’ve not changed my behaviors at all, and this feedback has reinforced that.

I’ve indicated how I use Twitter, most of the time, I point to things that I think are interesting, and it sends about 50 clicks (and up to 200) clicks from an active opt-in engaged audience of early early adopters.

14 Replies to “Feedback on my Twitter Usage –I listened”

  1. Glad to hear it. Don’t change your Tweeting behavior. I’ve you to thank for the articles, links, and precious nuggets of info I wouldn’t have found on my own. Viva la Twitter!

  2. Like TV there’s an OF button on Twitter.

    I appreciate your thought process and I link through probably 30% of the time. You cover areas I don’t need to cover. For me, you are another quality editor.

  3. Jeremiah, I’ll second the positive comments on your Twitter usage. Your tweet of “Widgets = Live by the Hit, Die by the Hit” brought around 35 hits that day to my little blog. It’s really great that you do that for the bloggers out there. Keep it up!

  4. the responses to your question created a very interesting cognitive map, thanks. For the closet ethnographers out there, spend a little time deconstructing the comments. tnx.

  5. When you say Twitter sends about 50-200 people to your site regularly, are you getting that number from traffic analytics on your site that track the referring URL as being from Twitter?

    If so, I would guess the actual number of visitors from Twitter is higher than what you’re seeing. I often click over to your posts from Twitter, but I imagine your analytics software shows a simple “unknown” because I click over from within Snitter, a third-party, Twitter-API-based app that I believe isn’t (can’t?) be tracked like a click from a Web page.

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