Feedback on my Twitter Usage –I listened

I’m very conscious about listening to my community, it’s one of the practices I suggest to my clients, so I’d better eat my own dogfood.

A few days ago, I asked you what you thought about my Twitter usage. Here’s the results, I took some time to count up the 89 comments that came in (some were not relevant) and tried to put them into buckets. I’m pretty anal, so being a researcher is really a good fit.

At SXSW I met someone who works at a PR agency, most of the account managers are following my tweets, and some of them complained to him about my high frequency, ironic.

Here’s what you said (please note some were subjective, I had to force them into buckets, although there’s clearly a trend)

What you told me about my Twitter Usage:

1) How are my tweets doing for you?

A) Too little 4
B) Just right 43
C) Too many 8

2) How is the content?

40 respondents said it was positive
4 said it was mixed or varied
2 said it wasn’t relevant

14 people told me that I shouldn’t care about what anyone says, and just do what I want, since Twitter is opt in.

Well it’s no surprise that I’ve not changed my behaviors at all, and this feedback has reinforced that.

I’ve indicated how I use Twitter, most of the time, I point to things that I think are interesting, and it sends about 50 clicks (and up to 200) clicks from an active opt-in engaged audience of early early adopters.