July 31, 2009

Each one of these could be meaty blog posts, but I don’t have the time, and I’d rather share them, I guess to some degree, Steve Rubel is right, there’s a need for something in between a tweet and a blog post. It was a busy week, I travelled to Indiana to visit a client, had several briefings and client meetings during the week.  Chiago’s O’Hare is consistently poor performing, bigger isn’t better.   Still conducting interviews for upcoming report on skills needed for social marketers. I don’t need to say it, but there’s a tremendous amount of interest from brands and media around social.  In the back of my mind, I try to keep a bigger perspective, as in … Continue readingJuly 31, 2009

From Corporate to Personal: A Breakdown Of The Four Types of Twitter Profiles

Brands often ask how they should position their persona on social media profiles and accounts, this guide should be a helpful breakdown.  This post is inspired by Michael Brito, one of Intel’s social media strategists who presented on this topic with me at Stanford a few weeks ago. There are different purposes for different needs, so my standard breakdown is designed for you to weigh out the pros and cons as you make your decision. From Corporate to Personal: The Four Types of Twitter Profiles 1) Pure Corporate Brand 100% corporate branded with primarly corporate related content. These accounts, which are often sporting the proper brand name of a company are used often to provide corporate news, deals, and support. … Continue readingFrom Corporate to Personal: A Breakdown Of The Four Types of Twitter Profiles

Marketing Voices: Three Recommendations for Marketing Leaders (11min)

Long time friend Jennifer Jones interviewed me at Forrester’s Foster City office in California, and I shared three practical recommendations for them to start doing. Listen in to the above short podcast embed, or download the file directly. Customers own your website and what you can do to get it back Social media resources: understand the 80/20 Rule How marketers can be more strategic within the corporation by leading the social charge across departments such as sales, client teams, HR, product development, support, and leadership. I hope you forward this to your CMO and VPs of marketing.

The Importance of Social Media Audits

In addition to constant listening and alerting to their market, brands should conduct an initial, then annual social media audit to be successful in their endeavors. Just as brands conduct audits of inventory, employees, and budgets on an often annual basis, they should also survey the landscape to find out what customers, influencers, partners and employees are participating on the social web. Audits are key for identifying priorities, benchmarking previous efforts, and planning for future efforts; the same applies for social media. I’ve been reviewing social media strategy documents from a variety of large brands, and I’ve noticed the following three common traits: Understand the Three Types of Social Media Audits Initial Kickoff Audit. Brands should audit their social sphere … Continue readingThe Importance of Social Media Audits

Usage and Experience Doesn’t Equate to Social Expertise

Those who are seeking social media careers need to remember to remember that social media technologies are secondary to meeting business and customer needs. I’ve been interviewing social media strategists at corporations or their bosses for my upcoming report on social skills needed in brands. I also get emails from hiring managers who are trying to hire folks to develop strategy and manage ongoing social programs at large brands. Lastly, I’ve spoken to social media recruiters who have a very hard time finding qualified candidates. One theme comes across many of these conversations: many candidates are incorrectly positioning themselves. Here’s three rules that social media candidates must know: Usage of social media doesn’t equate expertise. Many who want to pursue … Continue readingUsage and Experience Doesn’t Equate to Social Expertise

How HP Integrates Digital and Social, Kathy Durham, VP Marketing

It was so fun to live blog this event, something I rarely get to do now. I just love in taking all this information from the world’s largest brands, this is a raw capture.  Read the live tweets #ISF09 here at the Internet Strategy Forum in Portland. Katherine Durham VP of Marketing, who I just met this morning is responsible for many of the consumer facing product lines at HP, Imaging and Printing Group, view her LinkedIn profile to learn more. Topic: Integration of digital median and conversational marketing Trends that HP sees: The more things change the more they stay the same, reaching the right customer with the right message at the right time, and in the right place. … Continue readingHow HP Integrates Digital and Social, Kathy Durham, VP Marketing

Yahoo’s New HomePage Integrates Applications –and Dabbles with Social

Summary: Yahoo’s new homepage is more like a feedreader and application platform for users to do more without leaving Yahoo.com.  It’s a much needed update as Yahoo keeps up with the modern web, but think of it as evolution –not a revolution. Last week, a handful of Forrester analysts were briefed and given a demo of Yahoo’s much needed homepage redesign –here are my observations from the demo and conversation. Outdated Yahoo.com in need of redesign The old version of Yahoo is in serious need of a refresher as the main page navigation hampers users with two sections of tabs with even more content and links.  For the most part, the content not as personalized, and no integration of social. … Continue readingYahoo’s New HomePage Integrates Applications –and Dabbles with Social

How to Use Interns In Your Social Programs

Interns are an important part of the team, you’ll be more successful with them –but should not be the core business leader — supplement with seasoned business managers. I remember being a bright eyed intern during college at Silicon Valley’s premiere web startup Exodus Communication. Filled with enthusiasm some of my seasoned management took to me to learn about how to best understand the web –which was clearly my passion. Fast forward to 2009, with many companies dabbling in social technologies, it’s easy to assume that social is the domain of the young. In fact, I’d doing research on social media skills for an upcoming report, and am hearing of more cases of brands handing over the social media strategy … Continue readingHow to Use Interns In Your Social Programs

Podcast: Jazz with Jaffe

Last week I jumped on a call with Joseph Jaffe, who focuses on social media marketing.  Usually in my career, day job, and blogging style, I’m very structured, organized, and well…analytical.  I gave all that up to have an impromtu converation with Joseph to discuss social.  Listen in and tell me what you think. A few topics we end up talkin about are:  Importance of signal vs noise, PR blackouts, Sponsored Conversations, Mother bloggers.   Let me know in the comments if you think you’d listen again –or why you would not.

Requested Recommendations on Social Networks: Why I Won’t Do It

“Looking at LinkedIn Recommendations, They are Puffery” I’m currently doing research on what skills marketers are looking for in their social media team, and interviewed one hiring manager yesterday. She told me she didn’t value the references on LinkedIn and told me that “Looking at LinkedIn recommendations, they are puffery”. Instead she was looking for examples of work experience, eagerness to do the job, and of course ability. I agree with her, when I see recommendations on LinkedIn, my alarm goes off, I know most are not objective. Why These Reccomendations May Not Be Trusted From time to time, former colleagues ask me to be their reference –or even do recommendations (online references or testimonials) for them on social sites, … Continue readingRequested Recommendations on Social Networks: Why I Won’t Do It