How to Use Interns In Your Social Programs

Interns are an important part of the team, you’ll be more successful with them –but should not be the core business leader — supplement with seasoned business managers. I remember being a bright eyed intern during college at Silicon Valley’s premiere web startup Exodus Communication. Filled with enthusiasm some of my seasoned management took to me to learn about how to best understand the web –which was clearly my passion. Fast forward to 2009, with many companies dabbling in social technologies, it’s easy to assume that social is the domain of the young. In fact, I’d doing research on social media skills for an upcoming report, and am hearing of more cases of brands handing over the social media strategy … Continue readingHow to Use Interns In Your Social Programs

Seeking Case Studies of How Brands Reach Gen X Using Social Media

I’m wrapping up my report on “How companies should organize for social media” in a few weeks, and collaborating on a report with Zach Hofer-Shall (a digital device aficionado) on a “Comprehensive community checklist” and am going to start work on a research report exploring the social behaviors of Generation X, and how brands are reaching them using social media. (see my body of research) I’m probably the youngest of the Gen X generation (people define the age groups differently, but the behavioral traits and beliefs are perhaps the most telling) and we’ve a unique way of growing up with Transformers, GIJoe, My Little Pony, Reading Rainbow, Regan’s Just Say No, and of course Michael Jackson (when he was black). … Continue readingSeeking Case Studies of How Brands Reach Gen X Using Social Media

A Dialog about the Future for Students and Employers: The Upcoming Social Workforce

To best see what’s coming next, it’s helpful to examine the next generation workforce. Right about now it’s spring break, and that means that some students finally have enough time to shake off the late night party buzz and think about their careers. I know this, as I’m getting more emails from students and college professors that are teaching our young minds about social media, marketing, web marketing and other related topics. More than ever, they need to think their career through as they’ll be competing for entry level positions with more qualified individuals. In my opinion, where they lack in experience they can make up with enthusiasm and perhaps even more relevant. What would that be? Being digital natives, … Continue readingA Dialog about the Future for Students and Employers: The Upcoming Social Workforce

How Baby Boomers Use Social Media

Above: The Social Technographics of Baby Boomers. Need to understand more about technographic ladder? read this handy key. I recently published a report on how baby boomers use social technologies based on our social techngraphics research. While my parents aren’t yet on Facebook, you’d be surprised on how their adoption of social media –they aren’t luddites by any means. With the president of the United States using social technologies for campaigning and his ongoing administration, Boomers retiring and wanting to stay in touch with their digitally expressive children and grandchildren, and with a recession causing need for all of us to connect to each other –expect an increase in social technology adoption across many generations. If you’re a Forrester client, … Continue readingHow Baby Boomers Use Social Media

Grandmas, Newspapers, and the Internet

My living Grandmother won’t read this post, unless my mom prints it out for her and hands it to her in person –actually a common practice in my family. A few weeks ago, I had a phone conversation with Grandma, we talked of politics, and how many companies would not hire Asians when she was my age, and of course, my favorite topic, the internet. She still lives in a print world, but is very aware of the online world, and ask me to tour her through the internet when I see her. According to social technographics, she’s an ‘inactive’ when it comes to social media, and that’s ok with me. She loves to see me in print, and stumbles … Continue readingGrandmas, Newspapers, and the Internet

The Sixth Graders

Sixth graders, are just 10 years from the workforce, I wonder if we’ll be ready. I’m now in Dallas, about to speak to 250 marketers (then do workshops) who all work for a company that’s about to ramp up their social marketing activities and put community first. Brands foster communities is a trend we’re seeing, just as Oracle boldly launched it’s Oracle Mix Ideas which allows anyone to submit comments right on the corporate website. On the flight over here from SF, I sat next to a young lady (mid 20s) who is a teacher to sixth graders (12 year olds) in San Antonio. As I almost always do, I shifted the conversation over to the internet and she shared … Continue readingThe Sixth Graders

Future of Photos: Doubles, Glossy, Matte, or JPEG?

In this left picture of Ryan and Teresa Valdez Klein, I upload photos (GPS tagged with location and time) in real time from my mobile phone using Shozu, and share it with my network on Flickr, Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, and now my blog. Like some of you, I’m still fascinated how digital natives interpret media, communications compared to boomers. Me? I’m in the middle watching it all go down. Just a few days ago, I compared who had more data about my friend Teresa Valdez Klein, Facebook or the US Government. In the comments, it was almost unanimously the US Government, although interestingly enough, most of the data about her in Facebook is opt-in, rather opt-out. Do you remember the … Continue readingFuture of Photos: Doubles, Glossy, Matte, or JPEG?

List of Communities, Virtual Worlds, and Social Networks for Youth, Boomers, Retired, and Beyond

I’m doing research around how different ages using social networks, communities, and virtual worlds by age, and will compile this list as it grows. I’m looking for established community sites that are mature enough to work with brands. There is already so much coverage on mainstream social networks like Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn that we forget about the other smaller niche networks. First, understand technographics (how ages use social media 18+) by accessing Forrester’s profile tool, available for free. If you know the demographics for any of these, please leave a comment. Youth I’m primarily seeking communties that are under 18, beyond just MySpace. Club Penguin, Disney 8-12, Virtual World Stardolls Young Girls 10-17, Social Network, virtual dolls Barbie … Continue readingList of Communities, Virtual Worlds, and Social Networks for Youth, Boomers, Retired, and Beyond