Ask Jeremiah: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Twitter

Need a Twitter expert in your corner? I’m here to help! New, Advanced? Shy? Submit a Question I’ll take the most rudimentary basic question to the most advanced, don’t be shy. This is a living FAQ, if you have a question for me, Jeremiah, leave a comment and I’ll answer, if you’re really shy, you can email me, but I can’t promise I’ll see it (I get a lot of emails). I’ll be updating this over time, so please bookmark, and share with your network. Was this helpful? spread the word If you liked the post, please tweet it, by copying and pasting this into twitter: Got a question about Twitter? ask @jowyang Alright, let’s get to work, I’m … Continue readingAsk Jeremiah: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Twitter

The Twitter Spoofer

Apparently, a spammer is creating dozens of Twitter accounts, each one has one letter added to my profile name jowyang and is linking to a ‘get rich quick’ scam. I’ve received hundreds of messages from replies, direct messages, emails, and even a long distance phone call warning me. It’s likely a computer program, as it’s just adding one unique letter to my name, then following thousands and sending them direct messages. Many suggest that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I supposed I should be flattered. I’m not going to link to any of these accounts not to give them any attention, but I see this as an opportunity for Twitter. How so? If there was a ‘report … Continue readingThe Twitter Spoofer

For the Professional: How to Get Started On Twitter

I still get questions from clients saying they don’t get Twitter, and after the Presidential election the use of the tool has gone up, in fact I’m hearing many radio talk shows mention they now have a Twitter account –it’s growing. Computerworld interviewed me (jowyang) on how business folks should use Twitter, as well as Laura Fitton (twitter) and Stowe Boyd (twitter). This is one of those articles that is a great primer for those who are hearing a lot about Twitter, but just don’t ‘get it’. So use this article, the practical steps listed, and the suggestions to learn how to best use the tool to meet your needs. I try to remind my friends don’t answer “what are … Continue readingFor the Professional: How to Get Started On Twitter

Twitter’s Valuation, $73.52 an Active User?

This is just an educated guess, as we don’t have confirmation from Twitter, nor has the funding closed. Rumors are coming in that Twitter may raise another round of capital at valuation of $250mm, quick calculations from my archive of social networking stats show many sources indicate they range from 4-6mm registered users. Last week, when I visited the smooth Twitter offices in SF, I asked them about official registered users and they commented “they don’t give out those numbers”, as it would benefit others more than them. So, I’ll average it around 5mm total registered users. I trust the HP labs research on Twitter (met with Bernardo two weeks ago) and their data from a significant sample size shows … Continue readingTwitter’s Valuation, $73.52 an Active User?

20 days off from Twitter: A View From The Outside

I’ve returned to Twitter last week, after taking 20 days off, and I’m getting a lot of questions from people asking about the “outside world”. There’s a condition known by prisoners that get comfortable with conditions that return even after they are released, I’m sure they go back to tell the other inmates of “life on the outside”. It’s true my friends, there’s a very large world out there that the digital obsessed forget about. During my time away, I focused more on blogging, a blog redesign project I’m working on, am working on a communtiy project to help people understand how to get jobs, spent time trying other tools like Friendfeed, spent time on Facebook and shared with my … Continue reading20 days off from Twitter: A View From The Outside

Findings: Why You Don’t Need to Tweet to Get Traffic from Twitter

I used to promote my blog posts on Twitter, then when I left Twitter, noticed a significant loss in traffic. Yesterday, I did a blog post encouraging others to tweet then retweet my blog post, as you know, being on a Twitter hiatus gives a unique opportunity to try out some experiments. By the numbers: Here’s the stats from the experiment: In the last 24 hours, 199 folks tweeted these words “How Bloggers Should Inspire Retweets” within 24 hours. Although not all of them used the snipurl I created, there were 2,000 clicks and unique clicks 1,280. This means that the average tweet that linked to the post generated 10 clicks, and about 6.4 unique clicks per person. There were … Continue readingFindings: Why You Don’t Need to Tweet to Get Traffic from Twitter

About My Twitter Hiatus

Despite my heavy usage, I’m on Twitter Hiatus I’m known for being a very active twitter user, recent applications have tracked my daily usage from being 20-30 tweets on average. I’m not like other twitter users, as I have a very specific method in which I use the tool. However, two weeks ago today, I stopped using twitter, and announced that I’m on temporary Twitter hiatus. Twitter shows its weaknesses Why? I’m recalibrating my media plan, and trying to shift and shake things up. First of all, there’s a few things that have caused me to evaluate my media strategy: 1) the lack of context in 140 characters, 2) unthreaded discussions makes it difficult to track conversations in one place, … Continue readingAbout My Twitter Hiatus

Understanding HP Lab’s Twitter Research

Left: The famed HP Labs think tank in Palo Alto. A few months ago, I spent an entire day with the HP Labs group in Palo Alto, they’re responsible for the R&D and innovation that goes into their thousands of technology products on the market. I was pleased to see this deep dive scientific research on Twitter by Bernardo A. Huberman, Daniel M. Romero and Fang Wu. You can read the free Social networks that matter: Twitter under the microscope (PDF). Written in an academic style, it’s a bit dense for the casual reader. I write for a business audience and I’ll strip out the most important findings, and add my own insight to what I think matters. As always … Continue readingUnderstanding HP Lab’s Twitter Research

Don’t get BrandJacked: Confirming Your Corporate Twitter Account

I’m hearing of more and more brands starting to venture into the Twittersphere to listen, influence, and support customers. In fact, I’ve had 3-4 inquiry (client calls) at Forrester asking about Twitter for marketing. Challenge: Anyone can Create an Twitter Account and Cause BrandJacking A few months ago, many (myself included) were fooled by a brandjacking of “Janet” from Exxon Mobile, (see examples of others brands who were punk’d) who in reality wasn’t who she said she was. I’ve also heard from other brands that name squatters were taking corporate names and registering them, and some are saying negative things. Slow brands are often behind, and as a result have to deal with cleanup. I’ve heard from some brands that … Continue readingDon’t get BrandJacked: Confirming Your Corporate Twitter Account