For the Professional: How to Get Started On Twitter

I still get questions from clients saying they don’t get Twitter, and after the Presidential election the use of the tool has gone up, in fact I’m hearing many radio talk shows mention they now have a Twitter account –it’s growing.

Computerworld interviewed me (jowyang) on how business folks should use Twitter, as well as Laura Fitton (twitter) and Stowe Boyd (twitter). This is one of those articles that is a great primer for those who are hearing a lot about Twitter, but just don’t ‘get it’. So use this article, the practical steps listed, and the suggestions to learn how to best use the tool to meet your needs. I try to remind my friends don’t answer “what are you doing” but instead “What’s important to me, or you”. As you get more advanced, you may try some of the desktop clients –that can either increase your productivity –or suck you in completely.

Read ComputerWorld’s (CIO magazine) Twitter: The how to get started guide for businesspeople. Want to learn more? read all my posts on Micromedia.

In fact, a few weeks ago I visited the founders Ev and Biz in their shiny SF office overlooking the skyline. We talked about how their service is going to meet the needs for business’s, media, and users. It’s very clear to me that they’ve many options to monetize from corporate services, contextual/location based advertising, services to developers, or premium features to media companies. They expressed to me that their main focus is to build a great service for users first, then work on the monetization plans –and in that order. Given that it would be easy for them to get additional funding –or even acquired (Facebook had talks with them late last year) they’re in a comfortable place over the next few years.