How the Crowd Provides Air Quality Data

Crowdsourced data is helping society to forecast dangerous air quality. How can we. use these information models for other areas of business? Major wildfires spanning several western states have so far burned approximately 4.6 million acres. That adds up to an area roughly the same size as Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. As of September 17, 2020, in California alone there have been numerous fatalities and over 6,000 structures destroyed or damaged. The smoke is impacting many areas even those not close to the fires – the Midwest, the East Coast, and Canada. With the effects of the fires spread across whole regions, how can we obtain useful information? The answer is with crowdsourced data. We Are Increasingly Relying on … Continue readingHow the Crowd Provides Air Quality Data

Crowd Companies: The Year in Review and Planning for 2015

It’s the end of the year. This post is a reflection of the Collaborative Economy market and Crowd Companies in 2014, as well as a look towards what lies ahead. The Collaborative Economy was a leading business topic of 2014. Over the past year, the Collaborative Economy movement has gained more attention from mainstream media, seen incredible pushback from the incumbents like taxi companies and obtained tremendous amounts of funding, while some startups created situations that left them exposed to intense scrutiny. Meanwhile, adoption by the public was forecasted to double (my findings on WSJ), it expanded into nearly every aspect of society, and shows no signs of decline. It truly is a movement in every regard. Crowd Companies, has experienced … Continue readingCrowd Companies: The Year in Review and Planning for 2015

WSJ Essay: The Ups and Downs of Crowd-Based Resources

Below is my most recent essay to the WSJ Accelerator series, a dedicated section for the the fast-moving business audience. In this essay, I explore how we’re drinking our own champagne at Crowd Companies, by exploring and adopting crowd-based services. The Ups and Downs of Crowd-Based Resources Entrepreneurs today have no shortage of crowd-based services to augment their business models. Most people are probably familiar with Lyft and Uber, the ridesharing transportation services, but a large and dynamic industry of crowdsourced tools has emerged to help manage many aspects of running a business. I’m currently experimenting with, adopting and using a number of shared services for all areas of my business. My company logo and design work, for instance, was … Continue readingWSJ Essay: The Ups and Downs of Crowd-Based Resources

Timeline: Corporations in the Collaborative Economy (Ver 2, Oct 2014)

The longest graphic in the history of my career is embedded below, some mobile devices may not properly render. As the Crowd Economy Rises, Brands Seek to Collaborate We’ve been tracking corporations in the Collaborative Economy, and released version 1.0 in April, 2014. Now, as we approach the Crowd Companies members-summit in NY next week, we’ll be dissecting and analyzing the different deployments large companies are rolling out to participate in sharing, marketplaces, as well as co-innovation with makers. The scope? This collaborative or crowd based economy continues to rise (study, and daily numbers), and therefore corporations are adapting their business models to adjust to this peer-to-peer commerce movement. Below Graphic: Frequency of Deployments Since our initial tracking in Feb 2013, the … Continue readingTimeline: Corporations in the Collaborative Economy (Ver 2, Oct 2014)