How Motrin Should Respond To The Groundswell

A few weeks ago, the Motrin Moms kerfuffle blew up and I tracked it by the numbers just a few days after the explosion. Nearly three weeks later, it’s time to revisit the incident to see what’s happened. [Brands that get punk’d by social media have an opportunity to quickly respond and enable the groundswell to pirouette the energy towards a positive direction] Running the numbers you can see interest has piqued for Motrin: People are curious: Google insights indicates a spike in searches for the term “Motrin”. There’s more interest in Motrin than other competitors: comparing terms “Motrin” to “Tylenol” and “Ibprofen” other brands in the space, there’s a peak that outperforms the market. Alexa, a third party traffic … Continue readingHow Motrin Should Respond To The Groundswell

The Motrin Moms Backlash by the Numbers

If you weren’t following what was happening online this weekend (yes, yes, ok you’ve got a life) there was a Groundswell against Motrin’s latest viral advertisement that was rejected by mothers in Twitter, spread to blogs, and YouTube. I’m not a mom, so at first glance I didn’t understand the offense, but apparently, it was condescending to moms who perceived wearing babies in a sling as ‘fashionable’ accessory, and who didn’t wanted to be labeled as an ‘official mom’. The original video, which was trying to lean on the light side, took to many generalizations with mothers and resulted in a revolt capped by this backlash video. To learn more about the story, read Laura Fitton’s summary, Dave Knox of … Continue readingThe Motrin Moms Backlash by the Numbers

Groundswell Awards Now Announced

I’m pleased to let you know that this year’s Groundswell awards were presented yesterday by Josh Bernoff at our conference in Dallas. I was one of the final judges, although Josh and Zach Hofer-Shall were instrumental in sorting through over 150 submissions. Congrats to: Winners by the POST Methdology 5 objectives: — Listening: Mattel’s “The Playground” Community by Communispace — Talking: Young & Free Alberta by Common Wealth Credit Union — Energizing: Hershey’s Bliss House Party by House Party — Supporting: Nerd Network by National Instruments — Embracing: by Starbucks Other key categories include: — Managing: Borderless Workplace by Accenture — Social Impact: Artshare, Click Exposition, and Posse by Brooklyn Museum Some of the winners told me although there … Continue readingGroundswell Awards Now Announced

2007 to 2008 Social Technographic Data Indicates Increase In Adoption

Despite’s Wired’s opinion piece that blogging is waning (they cite no data), perhaps some of the most important data for this year is this recently released Social Technographic Data from colleague Josh Bernoff showing an increase in adoption in United States of Social Technographics from 2007-2008. He points out that inactives (people that cannot be reached through social technologies) has reduced from 44% to 25%. This means that three fourths of the US online users is touched by social technologies. Also note that more people who consume this content has increased from 48% to 69%. Do note that to be accurate in your marketing, like you have specific personas for your marketing efforts, you’ll need the same technographic profiles for … Continue reading2007 to 2008 Social Technographic Data Indicates Increase In Adoption

List of Social Media Marketing Awards

Celebrating the hard work that companies invest in social media efforts is not only a way to feel good about our accomplishments, but also a way to learn from the successes of others. The following list of social media awards gives agencies, brands, vendors, and consultants their chance to strut their stuff. Please leave a comment if you know of other awards. I realize there are many awards for startups (like Demo or Techcrunch 50), but this is awards for successes that brands have done using social media List of Social Media Marketing Awards Forrester’s Groundswell Awards (I’m a judge) Society for New Communications Symposium and Awards Womma Awards If you like this list, then you should check out my … Continue readingList of Social Media Marketing Awards

Video: Groundswell on Will it Blend

When Josh and Charlene (I affectionately call them ‘Jarlene’) asked me to donate some of my schwag, I had no idea my Flip Camera given to me from MySpace was going to be ground into a pile of dust (he now owes me a new one). Watch this campy video or read the behind the scenes info of colleague Josh Bernoff (sporting the latest in traffic safety ties), as he gets his grind on.

Will you submit to the Groundswell Awards?

Left Image: Josh Bernoff, on his Keynote Presentation at Forrester’s Consumer Forum 07, demonstrates a “Judo throw” –a metaphor of deflecting negative brand attacks into momentum for your energy, although they sustained a few bruised ribs, I often think of Dell (previous Groundswell Award winner) as a good example. Forrester is recognizing excellence from companies that are accomplishing business objectives using social applications and technologies. We want to hear how you’ve used the many tools out there to actually make a difference with your customers, prospects, or maybe employees. Colleague Josh Bernoff has more details on the blog, if you’ve worked with me, you know I’m interested in seeing actual business results –show how you’ve moved the needle. So, if … Continue readingWill you submit to the Groundswell Awards?

Troubled, Some Pharmaceuticals Turn a Blind Eye to the Blogosphere

A rather sad paradox, where fear has overtaken an opportunity to improve relationships with patients and clients. While this may not hold true for every pharmaceutical company, I recently met one who had banned it’s employees from monitoring blogs, social media and the online conversation. [Why did this pharma company ban their employees to monitor blogs? If a patient complained about a treatment or medicine having ill-effects, then the pharma would would be liable to take action] Responding to every customer can be very, very costly, considering how many people may be talking about medicines, often anonymously in online forums. We saw similar fear a few years ago as Finance and Insurance companies were afraid to toe-dip into the conversation … Continue readingTroubled, Some Pharmaceuticals Turn a Blind Eye to the Blogosphere

Dangers and Opportunities of the Crowdsourced Company

A new form of the Groundswell has appeared. What’s the Groundswell? We define it as a movement where individuals get what they need from each other, rather from existing institutions. The following hits home so hard for me, as I cover Social Computing as an Analyst, and I’m a former enterprise intranet manager. In this case, employees are starting to collaborate, outside of the corporate firewall to connect, share, and learn from each other, here’s a few examples beyond the traditional Yahoo Finance Chat rooms: Glassdoor: Rate Employers, CEOs, and find out Industry Salaries This site launched today, although a few of my colleagues were briefed last week. Essentially, to obtain knowledge about company reviews, CEO reviews, and salary information, … Continue readingDangers and Opportunities of the Crowdsourced Company

Twitter Game: Parents of Brands

Every once in a while, I spur on an interactive game on Twitter. A few weeks ago, I held a Jeapardy game, and one lucky winner received a Groundswell book. Today, I held a game, where encouraging twitter members to submit interesting facts about brands. Here’s what I tweeted: “New Game (tag it #brands) Name products that most don’t realize are owned by a larger company, view answers here