Twitter Game: Parents of Brands

Every once in a while, I spur on an interactive game on Twitter. A few weeks ago, I held a Jeapardy game, and one lucky winner received a Groundswell book.

Today, I held a game, where encouraging twitter members to submit interesting facts about brands. Here’s what I tweeted:

“New Game (tag it #brands) Name products that most don’t realize are owned by a larger company, view answers here”

A flurry of answers came in from many twitter users, there were at least a 100 answers, you can view them all on this Summize page, of all tweets tagged #brands.

Did you know that Hidden Valley ranch is owned by Clorox? Lamborghini owned by VW, Ben and Jerry’s owned by Unilever, Purina owned by Nestle, Dasani owned by Coke, and Tiffany & Co Watches owned by Swatch?

I didn’t announce there was going to be a winner, but I’m rewarding @kellieparker (a community manager for PC World) for her several updates, and helpful tips. Charlene dropped off a stack of signed books at my desk, and I can do whatever I want with them. I’m going to use them to send to the community pioneers, those that participate, have fun, and help others. Kellie, send me your address, and I’ll send it on over.

I’ll be playing others games here on my blog, twitter, or friendfeed, see you there.