Slideshare: Universal Mccann International Social Media Research

It’s difficult to see the detailed text of this sldieshare, so I recommend clicking to the main site, then clicking the small button that says “Full” which will take you to the full screen view. Update: Thanks to Benedict’s comment, this report is now in PDF.

I stumbled onto this large slide deck of global social media stats called the Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3. They break down usage of many different types of behaviors from creating to consuming blogs, rss, social networks, online videos, and uploading images. They provide a global viewpoint that you don’t see very often. While I don’t know their methodology to obtain these stats (they say they’ve a base of 17,000 panelists), it’s clear they are seeing growth in participation.

I found this link from future colleague Nate Elliott on his twitter stream, also read this blog. I noticed one small error in the 80+ deck slide, they spelled one blogger as “Michael Harrington” rather than “Arrington”