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2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony – Get more Docstoc Buzz

This slideshow (photo credits here), I found embedded on Sean Percival’s site really shows how China is giving it their all to impress the world. Despite the many criticisms, they’re putting their best foot forward. I was in Beijing a few years ago, and they were starting construction, had banners up, and were very anxious and excited to host the world.

While certainly not as dramatic, I’ve collected my best of my best photos of China, on this post to raise awareness about the earthquake disaster earlier this year.

What’s most interesting? watch the flickr photos come in tagged “olympics” you see both ceremony and boycott photos, many in near real time. Also watch David Churbuck of Lenovo who is blogging his experience from Beijing.

Today is 8/8/8 a good luck date in Chinese culture, a good kick off for the olympics (the ceremony started at 8:08pm), many casinos are marketing like crazy, and thousands of Chinese are off getting married today (over 16,000 in fact). I’m off to Monterey right now, some friends (non-Chinese) are also getting married. Best wishes global family.

BTW, upon closer inspection, docstock appears similar to slideshare, but it’s not limited to just presos.

Update: You can watch highlights on NBC of the opening ceremony, really breathtaking.

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