Video: How to Globalize your Website with Taj Peyton, Web Strategist at Intel (3:15)

I was just at Intel’s Sales and Marketing event on Tuesday, and was really glad to meet Intel’s EMEA Web Strategist (which is what I call decision makers), Taj Peyton. He’s responsible for understanding each of the unique needs of cultures in his European market and developing localized versions of the corporate Intel site –no easy undertaking.

Watch this video and you’ll learn

-Why you should or should not localize
-What you research
-Other than language, how are regionalized sites are different than corporate website
-How to get started
-Management is a nightmare, what tools to use?

I ran out of memory, so the interview got cut short a few seconds, but there’s a lot of meat in his presentation. If you’re planning on localizing you website, be sure to really understand the demographics (who are they), physhographics (how they think/feel), and technographics (how they use technology) before deploying, otherwise you may have just wasted your resources.

And yes, that’s the Wynn in the background, one of Vegas’s newest hotels. Intel put me up at the brand new Venetian extention, the Palazzo, each room is a suite (3 HD flatscreens), it’s opulent. I’m pretty sure I was the first person to every stay in the room as they just opened up last week, why do I think that? I had to plug in a lot of the appliances, I’m sure that’ll never happen again

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  1. This is really useful stuff, thanks for posting. On the Palazzo, a lot of the Intel gang stayed there for CES too … and many things were not quite opened yet. I think they may have opened up more rooms since then, probably including the one you stayed in. There really is no place like Vegas.

  2. Excellent content, Jeremiah. Most companies perceive localization as an insurmountable challenge. Thanks to resources like your video — and the turn-key approach my company has deployed with global players like Delta Air Lines — companies are better-armed than ever to connect with markets with localized messages, in-language.

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