Orlando Tweetup on April 22, Forrester Marketing Conference April 23-24

I’ll be in Orlando at Forrester’s Marketing Conference April 23 and 24th, live blogging (maybe some live streaming), meeting clients, and listening and learning from Marty St. George, SVP of Marketing for JetBlue, Greg Clayman, EVP of Digital Distribution for MTV, and Annis Lyles, VP of Media and Interactive for Coca-Cola North America. We’re offering discounts to those that are headed out, as well as a night off the hotel rooms. Even if you’re not attending the conference, the Tweetup on the night before is wide open for anyone to attend, hope to see you there. The Tweetup is on Wed, followed by the conference on Thursday and Friday, leaving the weekend open for you and your family to head … Continue readingOrlando Tweetup on April 22, Forrester Marketing Conference April 23-24

Silicon Valley Tweetup: Jobs Are Available In Comments

Above: It took me a few days to post it, but here’s a very brief clip from the Tweetup, it was a bit packed. Just got back from the Silicon Valley Tweetup (135 said they would come, 226 people saved it), last time this year, Tweetups were just about a dozen people or less, but the growth of the service has really demonstrated it’s popularity, I estimate 150-200 folks there. Unlike blogs, microblogs can have a greater rate of adoption as the barriers to entry than blogs as it’s easier to get started, and the ubiquitous mobile device makes it easy. Some of my friends who came desired a more intimate setting split off to private dinners, and that’s fine … Continue readingSilicon Valley Tweetup: Jobs Are Available In Comments

Silicon Valley Tweetup: Dec 11th

This has been one busy year for me, I’ve traveled the country and world to meet and talk about social media. Just about every city I visit, I try to attend a social media meetup or host my own, to date, I’ve participated in tweetups in Alexandria, Barcelona, Tampa, Oahu, Tokyo, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Dallas, and Boston (twice). What’s Tweetup? A few years ago, we called them blogger dinners, and it’s where folks got to come together, meet each other face to face (scary huh?) and actually talk in real life. Despite the affection many have for these social tools, there is nothing like seeing people in real life and meeting them. A few guidelines for social events that … Continue readingSilicon Valley Tweetup: Dec 11th

Colorado’s Technology Corridor, A Well Kept Secret

Above Video: Come join me on my “walk through” videos (see others) to meet Boulder’s tech community. I took the day off from work yesterday, and did some sight seeing of the Rockies (thanks to long term friend Kit who was one of the organizers of the Thin Air Summit) and had an opportunity to meet the large tech community at the “Tea House” in Boulder. I quickly learned that the tech scene is active, there’s many startups, events, and a VC community (including this incubator program called TechStars) that helps spur this eco system forward. What makes it attractive? The opportunity to be exposed to the great outdoors, the clean (yet expensive) Boulder area, great food, and healthy lifestyle. … Continue readingColorado’s Technology Corridor, A Well Kept Secret

Video: Shoutouts from the Dallas Tweetup

Every wanted to know who was behind those 140 characters? Now you can. this 2 minute video you can hear 50 people shout out their twitter handles at last night’s Dallas tweetup. What’s a Tweetup? A group of social media enthusiasts who want to connect and networks. Despite all the tools that are available to us to communicate digitally, there’s nothing like meeting in real life. I help the worlds largest brands develop community strategies, yet, sometimes it’s the simply things that really tell more of a story then anything else, BBQ, Shiner Boch, and a $200 camera. That’s what community is really about: people. Speaking of people, I’d like to thank Paula Thorton (follow her on twitter) for organizing … Continue readingVideo: Shoutouts from the Dallas Tweetup

Tokyo Blogger Dinner

Above photo: I had a great time discussing the impact of social media on culture and business in Japan with Tokyo’s top bloggers. Image taken by Andrew Shuttleworth –used with permission The following portion is updated the day after the blogger dinner. Read Michael Whang’s blog report of “Tokyo 2.0” Jonathen Browne posts his thoughts on the movers and shakers of Toyko Last night’s blogger dinner with Tokyo’s finest was interesting, aside from meeting the movers and shakers in this space, discussed the social web and it’s impact on culture, we had a fun time enjoying food and drinks. I encouraged the attendees not to socialize but to also think about how social technologies impact culture, business, and Japan, we … Continue readingTokyo Blogger Dinner

A Gathering: Tampa Blogger Dinner

I’m on a quest to meet and greet bloggers all over the world! When you finally meet someone face to face, the relationship bonds stronger than any trackback, comment, or picture can do. Nothing beats face to face meetups, where you hear their voice, listen to inflections, and get a feel from body language of someone’s real persona. Last night was no exception, it was great to meet the several Tampa bloggers last night, nearly half of them were professional (mainly full time) bloggers that benefiting from working in a fantastic city, not slaving away in Silicon Valley! I’m starting to meet more and more professional bloggers, that either work for blog networks, or have found their own niche and … Continue readingA Gathering: Tampa Blogger Dinner

Video: Meeting Oahu’s Top Bloggers

On my last night of official ‘work’ before going offline, I was able to meetup with Hawaii’s top bloggers, access this post directly (if you’re seeing this in a feedreader) to watch video. Whenever I travel to a new city for business, I try to meet the local bloggers at a community dinner, I’ve now friends all over the world, and we connect on twitter, blogs, and social networks to keep track of each other. Ryan Ozawa (who has the only Hawaii licence plate “Blog”, see pic below), the community leader and early technology adopter helped organize this dinner of Oahu’s top bloggers. About 15 of us assembled at a local joint (I was the only tourist) and we had … Continue readingVideo: Meeting Oahu’s Top Bloggers