Silicon Valley Tweetup: Dec 11th

This has been one busy year for me, I’ve traveled the country and world to meet and talk about social media. Just about every city I visit, I try to attend a social media meetup or host my own, to date, I’ve participated in tweetups in Alexandria, Barcelona, Tampa, Oahu, Tokyo, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Dallas, and Boston (twice).

What’s Tweetup? A few years ago, we called them blogger dinners, and it’s where folks got to come together, meet each other face to face (scary huh?) and actually talk in real life. Despite the affection many have for these social tools, there is nothing like seeing people in real life and meeting them.

A few guidelines for social events that I mentioned on twitter: Unlike Fight Club, talk about Tweetups, before, during, and after. Come to meet folks, be social. Don’t “poke” anyone unless you’ve brought protection. The act of “throwing sheep” at anyone other than your spouse is not encouraged. If you’re going to mention people “you’re following them” be sure to give them context whether that’s on Twitter or in real life –hopefully the former.

Kidding aside, just come to network with others, buy someone you’re connected to online a drink, exchange real world information, and most importantly, be merry.

Since I’ve neglected my own hometown, I’ve decided to organize a tweetup on Thur, Dec 11th (things hopefully have settled down for many of us during the holidays) in the Peninsula. I’ll find a bar suitable for a social gathering, and make sure it’s close to freeways or Caltrain.

Event Details

What: Silicon Valley Tweetup (RSVP on Upcoming)
Tag: #svtweetup
Date: Thursday, Dec 11th, 2008
Time: 6pm
What to expect: This is a no-host event, so you should buy a drink for someone you don’t know, groups can walk to local restaurants after tweetup.
Location: TBD (I’m working on a venue, will make it near public transportation)