Colorado’s Technology Corridor, A Well Kept Secret

Above Video: Come join me on my “walk through” videos (see others) to meet Boulder’s tech community. I took the day off from work yesterday, and did some sight seeing of the Rockies (thanks to long term friend Kit who was one of the organizers of the Thin Air Summit) and had an opportunity to meet the large tech community at the “Tea House” in Boulder. I quickly learned that the tech scene is active, there’s many startups, events, and a VC community (including this incubator program called TechStars) that helps spur this eco system forward. What makes it attractive? The opportunity to be exposed to the great outdoors, the clean (yet expensive) Boulder area, great food, and healthy lifestyle. … Continue readingColorado’s Technology Corridor, A Well Kept Secret

Video: Shoutouts from the Dallas Tweetup

Every wanted to know who was behind those 140 characters? Now you can. this 2 minute video you can hear 50 people shout out their twitter handles at last night’s Dallas tweetup. What’s a Tweetup? A group of social media enthusiasts who want to connect and networks. Despite all the tools that are available to us to communicate digitally, there’s nothing like meeting in real life. I help the worlds largest brands develop community strategies, yet, sometimes it’s the simply things that really tell more of a story then anything else, BBQ, Shiner Boch, and a $200 camera. That’s what community is really about: people. Speaking of people, I’d like to thank Paula Thorton (follow her on twitter) for organizing … Continue readingVideo: Shoutouts from the Dallas Tweetup

Cultural and Social Media Observations From Japan

I’m in Dallas Texas right now, perhaps the most opposite place thank Toyko where I’ve been the last week, and have been avidly sharing my observations via Twitter, the following are some of these observations, as well as a bit more context beyond 140 characters. These observations are more of a personal and cultural note, rather than my field report that focuses on the business aspect of social media in Japan. Internet Adoption high in Japan: I met the top executive of a marketing company in Japan and he told me that 2/3 of Japan’s 120 million residents are on the web. Yet most Japanese corporations do not invest heavily in web: This executive also told me that only half … Continue readingCultural and Social Media Observations From Japan

Photoblog: And Paradise was Nice

I’m back with the requisite mainlander pink sunburn, 6 days in Hawaii did me good, we stayed in the North shore, which is mainly untouched, unlike the crowded skyrises of Japanese/tourist owned Honolulu. To unplug was good, but I’m still going to slowly wade back to shore (aka reality). Mentally, I’m still floating in the blue azul sea, I guess the vacation wasn’t long enough. I’m not the only one that’s distancing themselves from the conversation, so expect me to slowly return to normal, if at all. But, in the meantime I wanted to share some of the photos I took from the vacation, all are untouched raw photos from the Nokia N95 camera phone. Please note that I test … Continue readingPhotoblog: And Paradise was Nice

Photoblog: Glimpses of Bareclona by Night

Having just returned from the airport a few hours ago (I was on 6 flights in 10 days) it’s good to be back. It’s rare I post a personal post, but I had such an amazing time in Barcelona, I feel compelled to share. I was busy working most of the day at the conference, so I only had time to go out at night. Fortunately, Barcelona’s culture is designed for night life, after work, I have drinks and tapas, take a nap, get cleaned up, then headed out (such as the Barcelona Blogger Dinner). Coincidently, on my second night out we ended up at the same restaurant we were at the night before, although we sat outside. The last … Continue readingPhotoblog: Glimpses of Bareclona by Night

Photoblog: Manhattan in 8 Hours

This is a personal post, so if you’re seeking web strategy content, access the archives. Images help me to communicate experience, and yesterday was without exception. I took the Acela train from Boston to New York, rode business class for 4 hours each way. Arrived at Penn Station at 11am, (that was the earliest train) and left at 7pm (the latest train) below are some of the hundreds of photos I took with my now $300 dollar camera. Having been on many of the world’s trains, I was impressed with the Acela high speed train, which reminded me of Japan’s high speed rail (here’s my video tour). The New York Subway, while effecient, was certainly showing it’s centennial age. I … Continue readingPhotoblog: Manhattan in 8 Hours

Photoblog: Macau undergoes radical transition

Today, I took the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, and spent a few hours taking photos –one of my favorite pastimes. The new, looming over the old Macau/Hong Kong Ferry Portuegese/Chinese Garden Unsung heroes Acension The individual Tower of Macau Ready for growth Lunch break The prideful duck The birth of many casinos Connections Oasis Macau’s Venetian Hotel: Vegas copies Venice, Macau copies Vegas The climb Steadfast Symbols in the sky Vertigo Pedicab offers green transportation Beverly Plaza Macau’s famous tiled streets Golden Tower This post has nothing to do with web strategy, but I’m on vacation until Oct 1st. Today, I did one of my favorite activities: exploring and photographing a foreign city. Macau is radically transitioning, there … Continue readingPhotoblog: Macau undergoes radical transition