Video: Shoutouts from the Dallas Tweetup

Every wanted to know who was behind those 140 characters? Now you can. this 2 minute video you can hear 50 people shout out their twitter handles at last night’s Dallas tweetup.

What’s a Tweetup? A group of social media enthusiasts who want to connect and networks. Despite all the tools that are available to us to communicate digitally, there’s nothing like meeting in real life.

I help the worlds largest brands develop community strategies, yet, sometimes it’s the simply things that really tell more of a story then anything else, BBQ, Shiner Boch, and a $200 camera. That’s what community is really about: people.

Speaking of people, I’d like to thank Paula Thorton (follow her on twitter) for organizing this dinner, and Forrester’s Alexis Karlin (follow her), as well as the sponsors Eric T. Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified, DFW UPA and Forrester Research.

Perhaps we should rename the social media industry to really be the people industry –it’s not about technology.

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11 Replies to “Video: Shoutouts from the Dallas Tweetup”

  1. @everybody, that was awesome, wish I could have been there. @jeremiah, great job capturing the spirit of this tweetup. Your’s in tweetville, @brianellefritz

  2. Jeremiah,

    Your comment about “BBQ and Shiner Bock” is why my friend June Dershewitz and I founded “Web Analytics Wednesday” back in 2005. Web Analytics Wednesday is the world’s only social networking event for web measurement professionals and happens across the globe in places like Dallas, Boston, Palo Alto, Sydney, London, Beijing, Sao Paolo, and even in Bora Bora!

    Your crowd might be interested in joining a WAW event some time. If so, point them towards the official WAW web site:

    Maybe we’ll see you at another WAW event in the near future?

    All the best,

    Eric T. Peterson
    Web Analytics Demystified, Inc.

  3. Eric: Thanks for getting that ‘promo’ in there. I’ve been trying to find ways to return the love for your generous contribution to pull off the event.

    You’re the man!

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