To Inspire You To Donate: PhotoBlog from China

In one of my recent posts, I encouraged others to donate, it actually worked, I know of at least 3 people that donated, I doubt I was the cause, as they had it within them to help. I’m sure many others donated, but didn’t want to say anything.

CNN reports that: “The government estimated death toll rose Thursday to around 20,000 but could eventually top 50,000, Xinhua reported.” as of Thursday, so I fear that things will get worse.

I’ve donated again, this time, my donation was more sizable than the first time around.

You know what to do, consider not going out to that nice dinner, and donate that money to the Red Cross, it would mean a lot to me if you donated, if you don’t have money to spare, blog it, tweet it, Facebook it, spread the word, that means just as much.

I’m Chinese, and have been to China a few times, here’s some of my favorite pictures compiled over a few trips, I hope they inspire…

Teacher and her School Children

At Peace

Protect from Sun

Shanghai in Morning


Daling cute Dog


Ribbon Dancers

Panda, Beijing


Lantern Ladder



Picture 1289

Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island

Picture 1424



Picture 1386



Picture 1397



Reach before Work


He approaches

Sun Child

To Hold

Local kids

Picture 1470
My wife and I, newlyweds, celebrate our wedding with her family in Zhongshan, China.

Did these photos brighten your day? Consider donating to the Red Cross China Effort, there a lot of suffering, even $20 significantly support this effort.

What’s the impact of these photos? See the comments below, one in particular is really striking:

“your photos are beautiful. you’ve made me stop thinking ‘I should’ and get on and donate”

Thanks Rachel, that’s fantastic news.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! My favorite pics are the colorful umbrellas, and that amazing shot of the city and it’s color reflecting in the water. What kind of camera are you using? Of course, credit goes to the photographer first!

  2. My friend had a small rooftop apartment in downtown Shanghai. Such an amazing view of the city at dawn and dusk. Oh how I miss it.

    Kudos on the pictures, very nice!

  3. Nice shots – How does it feel being American {I presume you are} and Chinese at the same time, now that China is the Superpower instead? Kind Regards, AA

  4. AainA

    Yes, I’m 5th Generation Chinese American. Despite my family being here for over 120 years, I know exactly where I came from, and have lead 30 members of my family back to our ancestral home, to pay respects to my great great grandmother and other elders.

  5. These are simply stunning. I’m off now to make the small donation I’m able. If everyone does a little…

    I’m struck by the fact that you’ve presented the beauty of China here. To me, a truly inspiring choice. I’m moved to action by your clear passion for this place.

    Congratulations for using your considerable influence for good. Kudos.

  6. Thanks for posting your photos, Jeremiah. A close friend has adopted two children from China. This post made me pause from the chaos of life, remember how blessed my family is and take a moment to donate for those in need. Thank you!

  7. Mary Lynn

    Im using just consumer cameras, nothing over 300 dollars. Canons and Sonys.

    I know my settings, and have studied “how to frame” photos

  8. I’ve donated as well. Since I heard the word on Twitter, I listed “Twitter” as my company. Would be interesting in cases like this if we could see social networks’ impact on fundraising.

  9. WOW so many more donations are coming in!

    hjl: Donated to the earthquake relief fund (expand) after another update from @jowyang
    about 3 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

    indrayam: @jowyang Did my share for the cause. Thanks for the nudge. I needed it
    about 3 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

    hawaii: Like many, inspired by @jowyang to donate to the Red Cross’ China fund. Would you? Listed “Twitter” as my company. (expand)
    about 3 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

    ponzarelli: @jowyang Thank you for reminding us how to use the true power of social networking. We pledge $500 to the children. What can u pledge?
    about 3 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

    emilychang: we’re donating money to the earthquake relief fund for china: (expand) (thx @jowyang for the inspiration)
    about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

    planetrelations: retweeting @jowyang photoblog of China and request to donate to Red Cross. (expand)
    about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

    carterlusher: @jowyang Ok, count me in. I donated to Red Cross China relief fund at (expand) It’s easy and for a good cause.
    about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

    banky: @jowyang Just donated. So happy to do so.

  10. Lovely photos, Jeremiah. Quite a contrast to what currently showing on TV re: earthquake devastation. Incredible how open the Chinese press allowed to be in its coverage. I am encouraged.

  11. Jeremiah,

    Thanks for the inspiring pictures. As a fellow Chinese American, I too have been back to China with my family to see the beauty and elegance of the country.

    You have inspired me to donate and to dig up my pictures from China to do the same on my blog.


    -Gregory Ng

  12. Just did my part. Really sinks in when you take a look at pictures of happiness and see the vast difference in reality now. Hope they all get the help that they need.

  13. Thanks Jeremy- your post caused me to take pause and quit my procrastinating in making a donation…

  14. I don’t get it. Shouldn’t China’s burgeoning economy be able to provide a cushion for these sorts of disasters? What foreign entities helped in the Katrina aftermath?

  15. I am from China, now living in the U.S. Thanks for sharing the pictures and inspiring people to donate.

  16. Another donation came in

    Rick Sauter rjsauter @jowyang Just registered for Digg today and glad I could add to the cause (by the way, I’ve also sent a personal donation). half a minute ago from web in reply to jowyang

  17. Small donation made. Perhaps one of your more creative associates could whip up a site badge. I’d be happy to place it on the web properties I have. A few thousand more eyes on the issue could never hurt.

  18. Hey Jeremiah,
    If the news reports aren’t enough and your good-looking photo blog doesn’t sway folks, then perhaps this offer will. I just got an email from my United Mileage account suggesting that donations of $50 or more via the United Airlines Foundation to the American Red Cross for the China Earthquake Relief Fund would qualify for a one-time 500 miles (until the 5M miles they’re donating runs out, that is). Either way, it’s a great example of a consumer company marrying corporate social responsibility + direct marketing to its customer base for a strong cause. And a few bonus miles never hurt. 😉

  19. Hi Jeremiah,

    Thanks for this post. I emailed you about what it’s inspired me to do. I’ll link to this post on my message board too.


  20. Consider making a donation to the World Society for the Protection of Animals, one of the few organizations helping animals affected by the earthquake in China.

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  22. Quoting Benjamin

    “I don™t get it. Shouldn™t China™s burgeoning economy be able to provide a cushion for these sorts of disasters? What foreign entities helped in the Katrina aftermath?”

    Donate for what? The government should probably divert the money used to suppress the people of Tibet instead. I think the people of the world would rather donate to the cause in Tibet.

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