To Inspire You To Donate: PhotoBlog from China

In one of my recent posts, I encouraged others to donate, it actually worked, I know of at least 3 people that donated, I doubt I was the cause, as they had it within them to help. I’m sure many others donated, but didn’t want to say anything.

CNN reports that: “The government estimated death toll rose Thursday to around 20,000 but could eventually top 50,000, Xinhua reported.” as of Thursday, so I fear that things will get worse.

I’ve donated again, this time, my donation was more sizable than the first time around.

You know what to do, consider not going out to that nice dinner, and donate that money to the Red Cross, it would mean a lot to me if you donated, if you don’t have money to spare, blog it, tweet it, Facebook it, spread the word, that means just as much.

I’m Chinese, and have been to China a few times, here’s some of my favorite pictures compiled over a few trips, I hope they inspire…

Teacher and her School Children

At Peace

Protect from Sun

Shanghai in Morning


Daling cute Dog


Ribbon Dancers

Panda, Beijing


Lantern Ladder



Picture 1289

Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island

Picture 1424



Picture 1386



Picture 1397



Reach before Work


He approaches

Sun Child

To Hold

Local kids

Picture 1470
My wife and I, newlyweds, celebrate our wedding with her family in Zhongshan, China.

Did these photos brighten your day? Consider donating to the Red Cross China Effort, there a lot of suffering, even $20 significantly support this effort.

What’s the impact of these photos? See the comments below, one in particular is really striking:

“your photos are beautiful. you’ve made me stop thinking ‘I should’ and get on and donate”

Thanks Rachel, that’s fantastic news.