Video: How COVID-19 Impacts the Future of Digital Trust

In the first installment of Kaleido Insights’ video series exploring the future technology-related impacts of COVID-19, we cover the topic of “digital trust.”

Digital Trust: How is technology eroding or enhancing our trust among institutions, companies, and among citizens in society?

Biometrics are becoming part of our future identity and our ability to move around the world and online. Our future digital identity may display our health status: immune, vaccinated, at risk, or infected by current or future diseases. Privacy technologies and questions of data distribution come to the forefront.

As citizens are bombarded with information, they are increasingly questioning the level of truthfulness of what they are being told. Confusion is rife as some of what they are hearing is vetted, some researched, some misinformed, and some intentionally malicious. Social networks, as information brokers, have had no choice but to step up as arbiters of quality — a big change from their prior stance of regarding themselves as neutral information platforms.

Society will increasingly debate the ethical implications of weighing human employee value vs. the demand for virus-proof automation and robotics. Companies will be further pressured to take a stance on the balance they strike in utilizing automation to augment (or, replace) the workforce of the future. A conundrum is at hand – do government and businesses bring back workers to drive down unemployment and boost the economy, or shift towards automation to drive internal efficiencies and boost corporate revenues?

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