Video: How COVID-19 Impacts the Future of Health & Wellness

In the second installment of Kaleido Insights’ video series exploring the future technology-related impacts of COVID-19, we cover the topic of “health and wellness”

2) Health and Wellness: How are technologies transforming traditional healthcare and empowering new forms of human augmentation?

Technology will change the way we interact with each other. As humanity resurfaces from quarantine, public health will emerge as a mainstream strategy and will interact socially, economically, and technologically. New interfaces will be adopted such as: robotics, AR, touchless payment, micro-fulfilment, video, machine learning and teleservices.

A broader set of consumers will adopt tech-enabled wellness solutions from health apps, mindfulness apps, VR meditations, digitized fitness hardware and software, and diet-focused food delivery services. These safer and lower cost alternatives build loyal followings that will be sustained in a post-quarantine world. Some insured will become covered under sickness prevention in healthcare programs.

The boom in telehealth will spread both wide and deep, shifting cost structures and widening access to more diverse forms of healthcare and wellness. From yoga to dieticians, from chronic illness experts to talk therapy, the digitization of healthcare will operate in new channels and ecosystem partnerships. A majority of interactions with healthcare interactions will be digital-first.