Featured in VentureBeat: How Marketing Will Change from AI


I had the opportunity to be organically interviewed by VentureBeat and give my vision on how I see that AI will radically change the marketing funnel, here’s the highlights:

  • Increasingly, consumers are turning to AI for content, making traditional search engines less relevant. This shift indicates a major transformation in how information is accessed.
  • A future beckons where consumers lean on a “Personal AI”, serving as a steadfast assistant. This AI will fetch information, shop, and potentially manage various tasks on behalf of the user.
  • The advertising model will be deeply integrated with AI-generated content. Traditional website ads might be replaced by ‘sponsored sentences’ in AI dialogues.
  • AI Engine Optimization introduces real-time data feeding to AI models. This approach surpasses waiting for web crawlers and emphasizes direct AI data input.
  • Brands are evolving with AI-centric strategies. They’re exploring branded AIs and APIs to communicate directly with consumers and influence AI behaviors.

I like how the article ended with this: “The bottom line, Owyang said bluntly in a recent blog post, is this: “As we stand on the brink of this seismic shift, the call to action for marketers is clear: We must ready ourselves to not only influence human decision-making but also shape AI behaviors.”

Yup. I’m blunt, but it’s better to hear it from me rather than to be disrupted and lose customers and revenue.

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