Slides: Cold Hard Facts on the Ice Bucket Challenge #IceBucketChallenge

Crowd-based business models and marketing are no stranger to the Web Strategy blog –and now we’re seeing the same effect impact non profits, including the much discussed (and debated) ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was curious on the actual impacts of this controversial crowd challenge, and decided to tally up some of the numbers. In this above embedded slideshare, you’ll see facts on buzz, assumptions on water usage, influencer impact, money raised, and bottom line of total donated dollars.

Also, in case you’re wondering, I was challenged by Scott Monty, I accepted the ice shower (over my garden –in a nod to our drought) and also donated to ALS —you can enjoy my washed up video, here. Lastly, top non profit thought leader Beth Kanter has questioned if this effort can be replicated, and even found other non-profits are emulating or “charity jacking”.

Cruise through the embedded slides above –to see some of the stats of this crowd based effort.

Update: Over the last few days, I’ve started to think about the causes of this blue moon event. I put together this handy guide, so if your boss, client, or charity wants to create their own, they have a simple ten step guide.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.04.36 AM

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  1. Thanks for putting these numbers together — I was just about to get out my spreadsheet – and viola – you had already done some quick calculations. Thanks

  2. Great compilation of numbers. And then imagine that the dollar amount raised for ALSA, is only in the US. Since this is a global phenomenon, other national ALS assosciations will likely have seen raised donations as well. I know the Dutch ALS organisation has.
    It would be great to understand what can be achieved with this enormous amount, in terms of funding research into finding a cure.

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