Slides: Cold Hard Facts on the Ice Bucket Challenge #IceBucketChallenge

Icebucket Challenge: Cold Facts and Stats #icebucketchallenge from Jeremiah Owyang Crowd-based business models and marketing are no stranger to the Web Strategy blog –and now we’re seeing the same effect impact non profits, including the much discussed (and debated) ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was curious on the actual impacts of this controversial crowd challenge, and decided to tally up some of the numbers. In this above embedded slideshare, you’ll see facts on buzz, assumptions on water usage, influencer impact, money raised, and bottom line of total donated dollars. Also, in case you’re wondering, I was challenged by Scott Monty, I accepted the ice shower (over my garden –in a nod to our drought) and also donated to ALS —you … Continue readingSlides: Cold Hard Facts on the Ice Bucket Challenge #IceBucketChallenge

Red Cross Reaches During Iowa Floods

There’s something great about seeing social media being used to make real differences in people’s lives, beyond branding and business. If you’ve not been aware, there’s quite a disaster happening in Iowa as floods are destroying the established infrastructure, buildings, and peoples homes. The Red Cross is using these fast-to-publish tools to get the word out, keep the community coordinated, and to raise funds for the rebuilding effort, which obviously hasn’t even started as the waters continue to threaten the area. They’ve created a blog for this specific disaster, which has pictures, blog posts, RSS feeds per each disaster area, alerts, and videos of relief works. Also they’ve a Redcross twitter account that gives updates, and interviews right from those … Continue readingRed Cross Reaches During Iowa Floods