17 Replies to “Forrester Underway to Catalog the White Label Social Networking Space”

  1. It would have been nice of them to reach out to the companies. First we heard about this was today.

  2. Hi Jeremiah,

    What about those that have worked with the vendors listed above or researched them on their own for consideration, would you be interested in their experiences (positive and not so positive)?


  3. Jeremiah,

    Any of these that specialize in supporting eCommerce retailers social networking offering?

    I notice Bazaarvoice is not incl.

    Thanks, Brian

  4. Todd,

    We did reach out to many, but the list is over 80 (could go to 120 depending on how you count) we did what we could.

    Also I blogged, it Tweeted it several times, that’s far more than most analysts do. I really hate to say it, but a White Label vendor, or the PR firm representing them, should have the primary analyst, blogger, and tweeter on this space on their radar.

    If you Google “white label” (not even white label social network) this post comes up first

    Which I even indicated at the top of the post I was conducting this call for data. What else do you suggest I do?

    The good news is, vendors can SUBMIT even after this report goes live.

    Vendors will be able to UPDATE even after this report goes live. I also added this to the last line of this post.

    Hope that bring some clarity, I really made an effort.

  5. Betty,

    Yes, I absolutely want to know, please email me with your experiences, both positive and negative. I have a follow-up report “wave” coming.

    Brian Walker, that will be in this report, they will segment by industry.

  6. Great, thanks Jeremiah! I’ll forward you my matrix that I’ve kept up over the years related to vendors that I’ve worked with and considered.

  7. Thanks for this Jeremiah. But is there any reason why each company’s URL isn’t included? “Forcing” each of us to search for each vendor seems highly inefficient. What am I missing here?

    There also doesn’t seem to be any actual analysis. And this space doesn’t seem to be appropriate either.

    Therefore, for those who are interested and/or would like to contribute:


  8. I agree Mark the URL should be there, I’ll pass that feedback along.

    BTW, there’s a big list that I’ve already done


    If you complete the wiki, I’ll be happy to point to it from this post and the link I just posted above.

    Regarding analysis, that’s correct, this is just a ‘catalog’ like a Yellow Pages. I’m conducting a “Wave” report which has extensive analysis on a small segment of the market.

    read more about this here:

    More about the Vendor Catalog

    About the Wave:

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