Online Community Best Practices Slideshare and Zero Cost Publishing

I’ve been presenting in public at conferences or webinars my high level findings from my recent research on Online Community Best Practices, the detailed version is on the Forrester site. I interviewed 17 companies and leaned on my experience launching the social media programs at previous companies. You can view the powerpoint on Slideshare.

The next time I’m presenting this is in Mountain View on March 25 (yes it’s open to men too), discount code for $50 off for Web Strategy readers is SNC325.

It seems counter-intuitive for me to share these presentations on the web as I’m often hired to present these to clients or at conferences, or hired for advisory, but in today’s social media world, my presentation has already been filmed, blogged, and talked about around the industry. The real value comes from the explanations and and insight from a researcher presenting their findings.

I’ve noticed an influx of the $100 Flip cameras (many received them free as giveaways), I spotted 1-3 of them in every panel I spoke at at SXSW, as well as half a dozen in the bloghaus. Cell phones have on board video, and can upload to the web in seconds. See, even analyst firms are impacted by changes that social media tools bring us. Information can’t be hidden, it simply hasn’t been published online.

The key is to learn to let go to gain more, learn how to offer additional value that a .PPT or a YouTube video can never fulfill. I look forward to presenting at your event!

Update: I forgot to include “Forum One Networks” as one of the companies included in the report. I can’t update this version (I tried on slideshare) and since it’s already being spread, I’m not going to update it, but for future iterations it will be updated.