How to catch a fish

I’ve been speaking to a few folks from Fortune 5000 companies that don’t understand the social web, this post is intended to propel them forward, I’ll be as succinct as possible.

The goals of the traditional web marketing program is to create a ‘funnel’ and throw out lures, like search campaigns or microsites to get prospects to come to the corporate website.

While luring prospects to your corporate website doesn’t ever go away, strategists need to consider that communities are organically forming on the social web. In these communities, real relationships form and grow, therefore trust is higher than the irrelevant corporate website.

A migration has occurred, so like the savvy fisherman, the marketer should fish where the fish are. The one caveat being, in this case, the fish are certainly in charge, so be sure to listen, understand, then be prepared to participate for the long term.