Video: How the Web Strategist should approach Widgets, with Ro Choy of RockYou (4:30)

In my role, I get briefed by companies that I cover in my space (social networks, widgets, and related products). If I feel the speaker is strong, and can deliver a succinct message that’s helpful to my audience, I’ll do a video. Ro Choy of RockYou (warning: auto playing music) clearly meets these requirements.

If you’re not familiar, RockYou is one of the leaders in what I call the widget network category. They create hundreds of widgets that were initially launched on blogs, then moved to Facebook, and will now be deployed on other social networks that allow development (Bebo, MySpace, etc). Between RockYou and their competitor Slide, they account for 8/10 top applications on Facebook (as I learned from Ren last night)

In this video, you’ll learn about his methodology (which I even discussed last night at the panel as a best practice). He discusses how web strategists should approach widget creation.

How the Web Strategist should approach Widgets

Level 1: Branding: Applications, like Microsites
Level 2: Interaction: Include the brand as part of the experience
Level 3: Custom: Build your own application
Pitfalls to watch out for

They’ve an office location that I’m familiar with, in downtown San Mateo across from central park where I used to play as a very young web strategist. (map)