Web Strategy Survey coming this Monday, feedback needed

Update, Monday Jan 28: I’m holding off on publishing the web strategy survey (details here) for a few days, I may get my hands on some better tools/process, so please hang tight.

A few days ago, I asked if it would be appropriate to run a survey on this blog, the overall answer was “yes”.

This survey should help both readers to understand their peers, as well as for me to understand the readers.

This Monday, I’m going to publish the first ever survey for this blog. The goals? To learn about readers, (who they are, what they do, what their challenges are) and will publish the findings for all readers to learn from. Secondly, I want to learn about what you think about the web strategy blog, what works, and what can be improved.

While not all feedback will be incorporated (it’s not physically possible) I’ll take considerations into mind. While this blog is serving the web decision maker, it’s still mine, and I’ll maintain editorial control. I can’t be all things to all people, so ultimately, I’ll be the final judge.

I won’t be using this data in any malicious way, and respondents can stay anonymous. Of course, if there is a business opportunity, and someone needs help from my employer, I will pass on any messages, but of course this will be voluntary and completely opt-in. If I didn’t you could leave comments and my reputation would quickly be tarnished, the control is in your hands.

Here’s my proposed survey questions what do you think?

1 About you
-Kind of work/industry
-Do you use social media?
-Size of team under you
-Open ended section

2 About your challenges
-Is your organization ready for social media?
-Where are you as far as implementation?
-How many months/years has your company been implementing social media?
-What type of tools have you deployed?
-How would you describe the reaction of your company to this change?
-What are your biggest challenges (open)

3 About the web strategy blog
-How did you find this blog?
-How do you consume the content on this blog
-How do you rate the blog/share with others?
-How do you rate the amount of content being published (frequency)
-What’s woroking well
-What needs to be improved
-Open ended section

4 Contact info (optional)
-Option to receive follow-up email

I’m being very open-source in this survey process, as I want to make sure readers get as much out of it as I do, your feedback encouraged.