SXSW is a Festival –Not Just A Conference

Is SXSW for Business or just a Boondoggle? That’s the wrong question. More than ever, I heard more folks debating if SXSW was good for business, or just a big party. Those who have attended the event for over a decade swear the soul has been stolen, and local Austin denizens often leave town and rent their place on AirBnb for a pretty penny, there’s no shortage of critics. Looking closer, the components for a unique petri dish are present, including: 1) Big brands, 2) software vendors who are trying to sell to them, 3) device manufactures who are trying to reach influencers, 4) digerati and A-List tech celebs (which means they are D-List celebs in real life), 5) mainstream media … Continue readingSXSW is a Festival –Not Just A Conference

Disruption at Disrupt? Not Quite, but Here’s a Few Gems

Left Image: Startup Alley features 200 emerging startups, I talked to as many as I could. In my quest for ABR (always be researching), the Three Web Strategy Spheres, I had a day to focus in on the technology sphere (the bleeding edge of it) to connect with a handful of the 200 emerging garage startups at Techcrunch Disrupt yesterday. Trends: Emerging Startups Show Innovation –Despite Most Will Fail: It’s been fun attending the Techcrunch events emerge from Michael’s backyard in 2006 to the now international events where thousands descend, here’s the high level trends: The air smelled like “opportunity”. with many entrepreneurs filled with passion bring forth their projects, some who travelled from around the world (there was even … Continue readingDisruption at Disrupt? Not Quite, but Here’s a Few Gems

Finally, Social Media ROI at our Intimate Event: ‘Rise of Social Commerce’

Are you struggling to measure the ROI of your social business efforts? Can’t get more resources? Unable to link your social media efforts to where your ecommerce is already happening? Have you been asked by management “How does social media impact the top line?”, chances are, you’re being asked that now. We’re just a few weeks from Altimeter’s first conference “The Rise of Social Commerce” where we’ll be exploring first hand with brands on stage how companies are going to use social media to actually drive revenue. Please join me, and other pioneers at “The Rise Of Social Commerce”, taking place October 6-7th at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto, we’ll hear about best practices from expert practitioners like Best … Continue readingFinally, Social Media ROI at our Intimate Event: ‘Rise of Social Commerce’

Upcoming Altimeter Conference: The Rise of Social Commerce

What in the heck does “RSC10” standfor? Here’s some of the clever answers we saw on Twitter when I posed the question this weekend: “Royal Shakespeare Company“, “Random Social Convention 2010“, “Russian Syndicate Cosmodrome, 2010“, “10” rubber scraper)“, “Real Time Social Collaboration” or my personal favorite “Recursive Systematic Convolutional 2010 conference“. Our First Conference: “The Rise of Social Conference” Altimeter Group is hosting our first conference The Rise of Social Commerce. We focus on disruptive technologies to business and see how consumer technologies like social and mobile are starting to influence commerce, supply chain management, and demand for new products and services. Shoppers want to belong. They want to be heard. They want to feel valued. They crave a better … Continue readingUpcoming Altimeter Conference: The Rise of Social Commerce

How Speakers Should Integrate Social Into Their Presentation

Whether you’re a professional speaker, company representative, or panelist at a conference, you must develop a social strategy during your speaking. The Audience Continues To Gain Power Over Speakers A few years ago, the first major eruption occurred from the audience hijacking the attention at SXSW during an ill-fated interview on the main stage. Even weeks ago, Kanye’s debacle was commented on by Twittering attendees despite them not even having the mic.  (Update, a speaker gives her first hand story of an audience revolt on Twitter) This week, an audience revolt happened at the Higher Education Conference, you can read about it here, here, here and here.  Although I was miles away, I was watching it unfold in real time on … Continue readingHow Speakers Should Integrate Social Into Their Presentation

Headed to [Re]Think Hawaii Conference, Nov 1-5th

I’ve been invited back to Hawaii on Nov for [Re]Think Hawaii summit in Honolulu, Oahu, speaking on the panel for the Social Media Business Summit. If you want to attend, use the discount code “jeremiah” and receive 35% off the week pass. The focus of the summit is to focus a week is about “connecting entrepreneurs and investors during a series of panels, lunches, excursions, dinners, cocktails and aloha style exchange of ideas and relationship building in Hawaii.” In particular, I’m interested in exploring how social impacts the tourism industry in Hawaii, both from tourists sharing, making decisions, to the actual experience using mobile devices and digital capture devices during and after their experience. You too are encouraged to come, … Continue readingHeaded to [Re]Think Hawaii Conference, Nov 1-5th

How HP Integrates Digital and Social, Kathy Durham, VP Marketing

It was so fun to live blog this event, something I rarely get to do now. I just love in taking all this information from the world’s largest brands, this is a raw capture.  Read the live tweets #ISF09 here at the Internet Strategy Forum in Portland. Katherine Durham VP of Marketing, who I just met this morning is responsible for many of the consumer facing product lines at HP, Imaging and Printing Group, view her LinkedIn profile to learn more. Topic: Integration of digital median and conversational marketing Trends that HP sees: The more things change the more they stay the same, reaching the right customer with the right message at the right time, and in the right place. … Continue readingHow HP Integrates Digital and Social, Kathy Durham, VP Marketing

Marketing Forum Theme Day 2: Engaging the Innovative Customer

Forrester’s Marketing Forum in Orlando Florida, see other photos tagged FMF09 Yesterday’s theme was to take risks and engage in innovation –even in times of economic hardship. Armed and excited with examples from the speakers and panels, the conference was now focused on the ‘how to’, with a focus on engaging your customers to be involved, guide, and lead your company in tandem with your own leadership. Forrester’s Peter Burris: Engaging the Innovative Customer First we heard from Forrester’s Peter Burris, who focused on the theme o engaging your innovative customer, he suggested that as you take risks, let your innovative customers be your guide. The conference focus met the needs of multiple industries, and Peter gave data and insight … Continue readingMarketing Forum Theme Day 2: Engaging the Innovative Customer

Marketing Forum Theme Day 1: Do Marketing Differently: Innovate During A Recession

Forrester’s Marketing Forum in Orlando Florida Forrester’s Christine Spivey Overby kicked off the conference, first reminiscing on how great innovation comes out of times of economic struggle. Her example, which is so suited for Forrester’s marketing conference in Orlando, is Walt Disney’s creative genius to develop an iconic entertainment franchise. She stresses that now is the time to do marketing differently by thinking differently and embracing innovation. [Marketers should innovate now, despite the perceived risk] Why innovate now: VP/Principal Analyst on the Interactive Marketing team, Shar VanBoskirk spoke next. She indicates that a recent forecast shows that mobile, social, email, display, and search marketing will increase at a CGR of 17% in 2014. She gives some funny examples of some … Continue readingMarketing Forum Theme Day 1: Do Marketing Differently: Innovate During A Recession

Forrester Panel: The Future of Media with Coke, MTV, and Canoe Ventures

Left: The Future of Media Panel rounds off Day 1 at Forrester’s Marketing Conference. I’m sitting in the front row here in Orlando at Forrester’s Marketing Conference. We’re talking about the “M”M world, no not the Mouse but Media. This closing panel is discussing the Future of Media. Moderator is colleague David Card, Annis Lyles, VP Media of Coca Cola, Greg Clayman, EVP of MTV, and David Verklin CEO of Canoe Ventures. David’s not taking any prisoners and is intending to make this a pretty tough panel, rightfully so, media is undergoing some serious changes. David starts out showing that newspapers is struggling, from NYT, Rocky Mountain, and SFgate. First let’s start with the client side. Coke recalls the day … Continue readingForrester Panel: The Future of Media with Coke, MTV, and Canoe Ventures