Upcoming Altimeter Conference: The Rise of Social Commerce

Rise of Social Commerce, an Altimeter Conference

What in the heck does “RSC10” standfor?
Here’s some of the clever answers we saw on Twitter when I posed the question this weekend: “Royal Shakespeare Company“, “Random Social Convention 2010“, “Russian Syndicate Cosmodrome, 2010“, “10” rubber scraper) http://bit.ly/cMq5vj“, “Real Time Social Collaboration” or my personal favorite “Recursive Systematic Convolutional 2010 conference“.

Our First Conference: “The Rise of Social Conference”
Altimeter Group is hosting our first conference The Rise of Social Commerce. We focus on disruptive technologies to business and see how consumer technologies like social and mobile are starting to influence commerce, supply chain management, and demand for new products and services.

Shoppers want to belong. They want to be heard. They want to feel valued. They crave a better buying experience. Power is shifting from the retailer to the shopper. Social commerce is filling the void between clicks and bricks to deliver a personalized experience. Join us to understand how to leverage these shifts to improve your brand.

The Details: Attendees and Sponsors
We’re inviting the world’s top brands to attend our event, and want to work with our sponsors like Vision Chain to reach them, and participate in the event.

  • Date: October 6th and 7th
  • Location: Four Seasons, Palo Alto, CA
  • Theme: The push for customer advocacy. Reinvent your brand through the Rise of Social Commerce

The Altimeter group will be leading the discussion, from Charlene Li focused on leadership, Lora Cecere who’s leading this effort focused on supply chain management, Michael Gartenberg focused on mobile, Ray Wang focused on enterprise software, Deb Schultz focused on innovation and design, and Alan Webber focused on Government, data, and user experience, we aim to lead the industry discussion forward, see the evolving agenda.

Below, in the comments, I’d love to hear what topics you think should be discussed at at Social Commerce conference, shout out what you’d expect to hear.