List of Communities, Virtual Worlds, and Social Networks for Youth, Boomers, Retired, and Beyond

I’m doing research around how different ages using social networks, communities, and virtual worlds by age, and will compile this list as it grows. I’m looking for established community sites that are mature enough to work with brands. There is already so much coverage on mainstream social networks like Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn that we forget about the other smaller niche networks. First, understand technographics (how ages use social media 18+) by accessing Forrester’s profile tool, available for free. If you know the demographics for any of these, please leave a comment. Youth I’m primarily seeking communties that are under 18, beyond just MySpace. Club Penguin, Disney 8-12, Virtual World Stardolls Young Girls 10-17, Social Network, virtual dolls Barbie … Continue readingList of Communities, Virtual Worlds, and Social Networks for Youth, Boomers, Retired, and Beyond

Videos: When Social Media enters Popular Culture

A few days ago, I posted some videos on how social networks enter pop culture, a few folks like left some comments, here’s a few related vids: Second Life: The Real World Movie Facebook Anthem (From Rachel Beer) Internet Party 2: An Intervention for MySpace (suggestive) (see the first one) (From Ed Healy) Then finally, if you want to see a behind the scenes video of Mark Zuckerberg and Larry and Sergey having one too many beers, check out this video. Enjoy the weekend, I’m going offline, been a long, long week, coast to coast in 2.5 days –to the beach!

Understanding the Value Virtual Goods… it’s like Luxury Goods in Real Life

Above: Screenshots from Club Penguin (2006) to purchase virtual pets. Many children would ask their parents to spend their real world allowance in virtual Club Penguin to decorate their igloo. There’s real money to be made too, as Disney purchase Club Penguin for $700,000,000 just a few months ago. Last week, In Hong Kong, I gave a presentation about Virtual worlds and social media to some of Asia’s top investors. A few folks had a hard time understanding the concept of virtual goods, after speaking with Susan Wu, there are a handful of virtual goods that can be sold. She told me that there are three categories of Virtual Goods: The Three Categories of Virtual Goods (from Susan Wu) 1 … Continue readingUnderstanding the Value Virtual Goods… it’s like Luxury Goods in Real Life

Experiencing Habbo, A Virtual Play World (screenshots)

(Left: I created a virtual Jowyang, complete with spiky black hair) Habbo is a web based play world, a better description than a virtual game, a cross-combination of Cyworld, and a neopet, much in the spirit of Club Penguin, which I was experimenting with in 2006. The graphics are simple 2-D bite based graphics, it’s a cute design. I dipped into Habbo world after reading James Wagner Au’s excellent coverage of this new virtual experience, Weekend Feature: The How of Habbo Hotel, see other conversations. I created a new character, started a very spartan room (but have not earned enough coins to add furniture) and saw groups, games and met others. The room I created? The web strategy room of … Continue readingExperiencing Habbo, A Virtual Play World (screenshots)

Breaking: Disney Acquires Club Penguin for $700 Million

I was just emailed by the PR group at Club Penguin, they were just acquired by Disney. Apparently it’s for $700 million? I’ve been watching Club Penguin before it started to get mainstream, in fact I even played around, and built my own little Igloo. Social networks arn’t just for teens, young kids are using them too. KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA and BURBANK, Calif. – Aug 1, 2007 – As a part of its strategy for long-term growth through applying new technologies to the creation and global distribution of high-quality family entertainment, The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) has acquired Club Penguin, one of the fastest-growing online virtual worlds for kids. The addition of Club Penguin to Disney’s existing online … Continue readingBreaking: Disney Acquires Club Penguin for $700 Million

Exclusive tour of Intel’s new Second Life Island. I gots me a Jetpack!

Intel, who’s a client for video and audio podcasts, took me on a tour of their newest addition to their Second Life island. This was a true brand experience, that infused the Intel message with a quest to find three parts; A jet pack, and two Intel chips to power it. Why jetpacks? They represent speed, agility, and flexibility. Those who complete the quest can use this jetpack to fly higher than most and fly quickly through Second Life , for geeks like me, it’s bragging rights for the second world and first. Tim who focuses on the gaming market at Intel toured myself, Adam who’s reporting from Reuters. (You know Reuters is taking Second Life seriously), and a few … Continue readingExclusive tour of Intel’s new Second Life Island. I gots me a Jetpack!

Club Penguin still a Buzz Topic

I did a review of the Social Site Club Penguin, and am still amazed at the activity it’s generated. You can read the review, there’s an amazing amount of comments –the stats reflect strong activity there as well. More comments may be coming in there, but I’m not using blogger tool very frequently. If you do a google search on “Club Penguin Review” (which I’ll expect many parents to do before they let their children use it) I display as the second result. What amazes me is the amount of views on this Club Penguin photo I have in flickr –over 7000!

Club Penguin Review helps Parents -Interesting Dialogue Continues

I recently wrote a post on Club Penguin and am amazed at the response of comments that I’m getting. Apparently, parents are doing research on this social networking site for 8-14 year olds, and are going to my blog to learn more. I wasn’t intending this to be a review to arm parents (as I consider my core audience to be web and marketing folks) but am glad nonetheless. I even was contacted by the Club Penguin management team, (parents, cops, and friends too) both via email and in my comments. Check out the post here as I review Web Strategy: Social Networking site for 8-14 year olds –Club Penguin. Apparently if you Google “Club Penguin Review” I come up … Continue readingClub Penguin Review helps Parents -Interesting Dialogue Continues