Videos: When Social Media enters Popular Culture

A few days ago, I posted some videos on how social networks enter pop culture, a few folks like left some comments, here’s a few related vids:

Second Life: The Real World Movie

Facebook Anthem (From Rachel Beer)

Internet Party 2: An Intervention for MySpace (suggestive) (see the first one) (From Ed Healy)

Then finally, if you want to see a behind the scenes video of Mark Zuckerberg and Larry and Sergey having one too many beers, check out this video.

Enjoy the weekend, I’m going offline, been a long, long week, coast to coast in 2.5 days –to the beach!

8 Replies to “Videos: When Social Media enters Popular Culture”

  1. Hadn’t seen the Second Life one before. That’s going up, yep!, on my Facebook page. Share the wealth!

  2. I really enjoyed all the tongue-in-cheek references to social networking on The Office this season. I put one of my favorite clips on my blog, on a post about how BJ Novak’s character reminds me of Jeff Weiner:

    Also check out these:
    Facebook in Reality:

    Grandmas Fight Over Facebook:

    Twitter Whore:

  3. Here is a great interview I just watched – since we are all talking about videos. This is pretty interesting information about customer service & social media.

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