Dream: How The Guardian’s API Could Let a Thousand Stories Bloom

Newspapers are reacting in different ways to the shrinking revenue pie, some have launched blogs, many have twitter accounts, and some newspapers like the NYT keeps content behind a registration page. Today, the Guardian has launched Open Platform, a feature that will allow content be repurposed in a variety of ways. Those who participate in this affiliate content network will be an ad partner, extending the Guardian’s monetization model to these third party sites. Their API will allow third party developers to create new ways to tap into their story stream, and extend it beyond the walls of the Guardian website. I can think of half a dozen applications (as I was thinking aloud in Twitter and kicked off a … Continue readingDream: How The Guardian’s API Could Let a Thousand Stories Bloom

LinkedIn’s Applications Further Moves the Intranet Away from the Firewall

Although I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but I’m sure my kids won’t know what a firewall is when they reach the workplace. Why? firewalls, the enterprise security that maintains security between employees and the public on your intranet are going to be irrelevant –and LinkedIn and other SaaS products are making this happen –one URL at a time. I’ve expanded upon this a bit more in a recent discussion with the WSJ indicating the opportunity for LinkedIn and others. I’ve been in close contact with LinkedIn over the past year, and recently had lunch with their CEO to discuss their strategy, so I’ve been fully briefed on this platform announcement. Given the downturn in economy, this … Continue readingLinkedIn’s Applications Further Moves the Intranet Away from the Firewall

Innovation at LinkedIn: From Business Utility to Platform

(Video: Mario Sundar, LinkedIn’s community evangelist interviews Adam Nash, Sr. Director of Product, via official blog) LinkedIn recently briefed us for their announcement today, (I’m making a few updates as news releases) here’s my take: Summary: What you need to know Already a business networking utility with minor community features, LinkedIn launches improved homepage with aggregated news and customized features. In addition, LinkedIn’s launching an API (so third party developers can create applications) starting with BusinessWeek’s “social bookmarks” feature. Expect more business valued applications to surface, increasing the value of LinkedIn, I see this as a success as this becomes less of a part-time utility to more of a full-time business platform. Features Launched There are three major homepage feature … Continue readingInnovation at LinkedIn: From Business Utility to Platform