OpenSocial, by Google’s David Glazer

(I’ve shifted back to blogging, as some folks were overwhelmed with my tweet updates, this makes more sense rather than a blow-by-blow tweet report) What is OpenSocial First, if you don’t know what OpenSocial is read this: Explaining OpenSocial to your Executives. Forrester will be publishing a report on OpenSocial in the near future (I interviewed David and Kevin Marks last night), I’m on point for that, stay tuned. “The cloud is about getting the computer out fo the way so that we can be more productive” -David Glazer, Google Web Strategy Summary You, a web decision maker are probally considering creating widgets to reach distributed communities. The opportunity to build an application once and let it run everywhere is … Continue readingOpenSocial, by Google’s David Glazer

Missing an Opportunity

Recently at our home, we purchased a new laptop, which came with Vista on it. Sadly, it didn’t come with Microsoft Office on it, and I was not able to open any word docs, excel, or powerpoints. I asked the store how much it would cost to add office, and they suggested in was $175. This seemed like a lot of money for a software system that I’m used to seeing as a base line image on most computers. As a result (and being web savvy, of sorts) I started to use Google Docs, an online, ‘free’ version of office. Google offers an online spreadsheet tool, as well as an online document word processing tool, all with collaborative features that … Continue readingMissing an Opportunity

News Feed Optimization in Facebook Overated

A few weeks ago, Facebook thought leaders Dave and Justin identified and shaped the term News Feed Optimization. Sadly, (or gladly) we suspect it has already jumped the shark. [With the release of Facebook’s open widget platform, marketers are jockeying for position on the prominent News Feed page, savvy Facebook fights back, but deep down, we know the battle never ends] What’s News Feed Optimization (NFO)? It’s an evolution of social media optimization where a clever developer will maninupate a Facebook application so it appears more frequently on the Facebook News Page (essentially a Feedreader). The opportunity? viral growth from massive network awareness. Facebook is a savvy company, already aware of the massive opportunities that applications can grow and amazing … Continue readingNews Feed Optimization in Facebook Overated

What’s in your bag: Web Strategist Edition

I don’t need a TV truck, radio station, or printing press to reach thousands of people, and neither do you. The Mobile Media Platform In my current role at PodTech, much of my job was to be out in the field where the people are, and use social media to demonstrate how PodTech could deliver to clients. The tactic? I was a walking media platform, and at any time, anywhere, I could publish text, video, audio, or pictures to thousands of people within minutes. I could break news, live stream events, live blog, twitter from my mobile phone, send emails to the influentials, kick start conversations or most importantly, just listen to the network. Over my time at PodTech, I … Continue readingWhat’s in your bag: Web Strategist Edition

Web Strategy: The Three Spheres of Web Strategy (and the skills required)

A Web Strategy must balance all three spheres What’s a Web Strategy? It’s the balance between the three spheres for effective long-term planning of a website. This person is a hybrid of a few roles, and may have emerged from any of the following spheres. A Web Strategist is responsible for the long-term planning and decision making of a website, but must balance ALL of the following three spheres: 1) Community (formerly Users) The Web Strategist must understand (by using a variety of techniques and tactics) what users want. This is commonly known as User Experience Research which will create and craft a ‘mental model’. In addition, the strategist will need to be in tune with the community in which … Continue readingWeb Strategy: The Three Spheres of Web Strategy (and the skills required)

Apple, the Inverted Fortress

Now that the confetti is being swept neatly to the gutters after last week’s parade, the real residents of the technology main street are starting to appear with concerns about the Apple iPhone. Walled Garden Apple is taking heat, flack for being not willing to be an open platform like so many third party applications. The exclusive lock down (both in platform and with employees) is denoted by Brian. TCO of iPhone The real cost of the Apple iPhone is being speculated by Allen at quite a bit more than any amount you anticipated, do you want to spend up to 2k a year on a phone? Expand inputs Lastly, Uncle Dave Winer doesn’t want to be confined, both by … Continue readingApple, the Inverted Fortress

Blogtronix to give Sharepoint a run for it’s money

Just a few weeks ago I called for the dismantle of CMS systems and to rebuild with social media features If you’re looking at upgrading to the new Sharepoint for it’s social media features, or at Sharepoint itself you must check out Blogtronix. Vassil the CEO and founder of Blogtronix stopped by Podtech (he’s been by a few times) to show me some of the latest stuff. I didn’t have as much time as I wanted, so it was really slam session in feature demonstrations. I learned a lot. It appears to be a ‘community platform’ in a box, which features such as social networking elements, blogs, wikis, ratings, comments, RSS, document management tools, keywords, tagclouds, rss generated by keywords, … Continue readingBlogtronix to give Sharepoint a run for it’s money

iPods will be Irrelevent, Apple must deliver iPhone

I’m having a hard time understanding why anyone would think that the iPhone is not going to be a reality.  iPods will be irrelevant by 2008 as cell phones offer convergence.  I witnessed this in Japan with my friends phone, convergence is coming. It’s absolutely strategic that Apple MUST play with the mobile phone industry or provide their own phone. YouTube is showing this latest Diggnation where they’ve spilled the beans on the upcoming rumored phone. Here’s some rumored specs of what the Phone is expected to look like.  I doubt I’ll renew my warranty on my iPod, something better is always coming. Featured I’d like to see (add comments for wish list) Wireless synching between laptop and iPhone Download … Continue readingiPods will be Irrelevent, Apple must deliver iPhone

Dismantle Content Management Systems (CMS)! Rebuild them with Social Media Features

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people want to use a wiki and a blog for their intranet. They want to bypass the corporate intranet silos and allow bottom-up and created content by the employees. It’s faster, cheaper, and less work for the Intranet management team…or is it? There can be a ton of challenges of letting anyone install and create a blog, wiki, forum, within an intranet. What about permissions, identity, scalability, duplicate content, versions, logins, security and any other challenge that emerges from a distributed content framework model. As a former web manager, I know the challenges of content management systems, asking for the 2.0 features to emerge out of 1.0 CMS systems ain’t going to … Continue readingDismantle Content Management Systems (CMS)! Rebuild them with Social Media Features

Integration: Apple and Nike and WWW

NikePlus provides Integration of Nike, iPod, and WWW. There’s a community piece to this online as well, you can find other runners using their site (click on community tab). Pretty interesting, anyone out there try this? Edward from USAToday has a review: “Nike + iPod records the time, distance, pace and calories burned in real time as you run (or, in my case, power walk). You can track those results on an iPod Nano and, after connecting the Nano to a computer, on the Nike+ website (” The next piece could be GPS, you could even build mashable games to play, indicating where users are. Update: Some people think this is a security risk, you could be watched! Conversations on … Continue readingIntegration: Apple and Nike and WWW