Press Releases: Content Formatting in the Age of 140 Characters

Yesterday morning, I sent over an email to Todd Defren and Brian Solis, champions of the Social Media Press Release (which I’ve critiqued in the past) offering some suggestions. Recently, I’ve been receiving some press releases where the real important news isn’t in the leading paragraph. I had to hunt and read through the rest of the content (maybe that was their strategy) to find out what was really important. I sent an email back to the PR firm, suggesting that they get their writing funnel’ tightened up, I don’t have a lot of time, and most press releases get a quick scan –few get a deep read. If a PR firms is representing a company in the social media … Continue readingPress Releases: Content Formatting in the Age of 140 Characters

Why Brands Are Unsuccessful in Twitter

Rodney Rumford bluntly points out in this latest post about 33 Brands That Suck on Twitter (be sure to read the comments for more color). Most of them have been “Hijacked” (their corporate name scooped by an individual) and many remain dormant. Having a successful brand in Twitter is few and far in between, and here’s why. Why Brands Are Unsuccessful in Twitter: Brands are slow to the party Who knew that Twitter would become a phenomenon –esp among the social media circles and media? Most brands are too late to come and squat on their names, some savvy individual had the foresight to get the name (either deviously, or out of brand passion) brands like @disney, @marlboro are already … Continue readingWhy Brands Are Unsuccessful in Twitter

How “Janet” Fooled the Twittersphere (and me) She’s the Voice of Exxon Mobil

The game is up, “Janet” is not an official Exxon representative A few days ago, the Twittersphere was curious, interested, and excited to see a member of Exxon Mobil’s employee ranks to join the twitter conversation and engage in conversation…sadly, she’s not a real employee. You can see the fake Twitter account called ExxonMobilCorp The mystery unraveled –in 3 days Shel Holtz was one of the first to discover this (update: he’s posted this thoughts), as he commended Exxon for their efforts, their response was “It’s not us”. The mystery continued to unravel as I received an email from the Houston Chronicle Press wanting to talk to me about what I knew (Update: The Chronicle’s story is now live) –the … Continue readingHow “Janet” Fooled the Twittersphere (and me) She’s the Voice of Exxon Mobil

Twitter as a platform

Yesterday, on my own twitter network, I announced a contest for a giveaway of a Nokia internet device I’ve been reviewing (I never keep any device I receive from to review) and asked participants to tell where they thought twitter would be in two years. Andrew Finkle gave a great answer about how Twitter would become an open platform, which make sense –providing they can keep their infrastructure up. I got a chance to speak with Andrew, he’s a former software guy who’s moving into the social space, real nice guy, thanks for participating. I was hoping to see an answer that not only involved Twitter as a platform but also a software that gets picked up by some mobile … Continue readingTwitter as a platform

When Brands Under Fire Step into the Fracas: Exxon Joins Twitter

Update: After speaking with public affairs at Exxon, it’s been confirmed that Janet is not an official spokesperson of Exxon. Alan of Exxon has given me his story here. Brands joining twitter It’s no coincidence that brands that are under public scrutiny from customers, competitors, and other social groups start to turn to the most vocal of all –right in the epicenter of dialog. Twitter is, for better or worse, a global chat room where honest, often vitriolic opinions are shared. With the recent public anointing of online support effort, Comcast Cares in New York Times “Griping Online? Comcast Hears and Talks Back” –it’s easy to see why corporation communications, and PR professionals are ready to embrace the dialog. Exxon … Continue readingWhen Brands Under Fire Step into the Fracas: Exxon Joins Twitter

Witnessing in Near Real-Time: Tweets from Bangalore Blasts

In my early morning blog reading, I was stunned to receive a tweet from Paul Mooney indicating there was news breaking yet again on Twitter. In horror, we watched in real time using Summize first hand accounts of Bangalore residents tweeting their experience –before major news sources were able to publish. I scoured back a few pages in summize (Twitter search engine) to see reports coming in about “two blasts” then “four blasts” then “Six blasts”, all of this was coming in near real time. Unfortunately there is some noise, as not all of the reports were accurate. Here are some select tweets that caught my eye. “i hear the ambulance sirens” -@abhin4v “-bangalore – be calm and be brave. … Continue readingWitnessing in Near Real-Time: Tweets from Bangalore Blasts

Friendfeed & Twitter

As you know, I’m very active on twitter (my profile), if you haven’t already, read how I use Twitter. Yesterday, I lost 1000 followers, due to Twitter removing spammers “Twammers” most were bots that were publishing content to feed their websites or client sites —more from Cnet Yesterday, I was live tweeting the highlights from Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote, apparently very few tweets from others were being published, I, among a few others were the only ones able to publish. Also when I get to 10,000 Twitter followers, I’m going to give away some electronics that I’ve been reviewing, stating with a Nokia Wi-Fi tablet, so stay tuned there. On a side note, the head of our consulting department recently joined … Continue readingFriendfeed & Twitter

The Truth Why Twitter is Over Capacity

[See handwritten green notes over image to understand why] Lately, Twitter has been down more than the ground. So many are commenting why Twitter is having so many issues: scalability due to Ruby on Rails, mainstream adoption from press and media, or even just Scoble after two many cappuccinos. After painstaking analysis of Twitter’s 404 page (above image), I’ve found the reason for the downtime of Twitter, it’s not what you expected: the infrastructure, users, or external factors, it really comes down to poor deployment of internal resources. Whales can only go one way, gotta get those birds going the same way. Did you like this? Digg it.

Before you breakup with Twitter…

Twitter has been down quite a bit, in fact, according to royal pingdom, they’re the social network that has been down the most over Q1, 2008. Most suggest it’s due to the lack of ability to scale, and as more and more users come, and more and more friend connections come, you can see how infinity complex the site becomes as people (like me) pump out thousands of messages to thousands of users. If the volume of messages on twitter were graphed, it would be a quickly accelerating curve, getting steeper and steeper. With that said, web users (like myself) are fickle, we find the lowest barriers to communicate, go there, and tell others. In fact, I’ve noticed many conversations … Continue readingBefore you breakup with Twitter…

My Essential Twitter Tools

Find me at jowyang on Twitter Many conversations are shifting to Twitter, this post proves it (network with others, by adding those in the comments). Twitter is extensible, and many third-party developers are creating tools around the simple data being exported for a variety of unique applications. If you’re using Twitter for personal, corporate use, or to manage the brand of a client, you’ll need the right tools to find and engage the discussions. Here are the tools that I’m using to improve my Twitter experience, note that all of these are using my profile, but you can change to fit your needs. 1) Client: Although I mainly use the browser to see what’s going on (I click on profiles … Continue readingMy Essential Twitter Tools