People on the Move in the Social Business Industry, Feb 27, 2012

Want to know where the social media jobs are? Business Insider covers this growing career, showing how some social media marketing managers are earning $117,000 a year in Silicon Valley.

Both the submissions on this job announcement board, as well as available social media positions at corporations continue to pour in. In this continued digest of job changes, I like to salute those that continue to join the industry in roles focused on social media, see the archives, which I’ve been tracking since Q4, 2007.


People on the Move in the Social Business Industry:

  • Chris Saad is promoted to Chief Strategy Officer at Echo, and will lead strategic implementations for Echo’s customers while ensuring that the company adheres to its long term focus on open standards and innovation.  I’ve known Chris for many years, and lean on him for his expertise in the social, media and data space.
  • Adam Singer joins Google, a friend of mine, and experienced practice leader in the space joins Google with a focus on Analytics, congrats!
  • Christopher Fleener joins  The New School as Social Media Director, where he plans and oversees a comprehensive social media strategy for The New School in New York City.
  • David Neff joins Ant’s Eye View as a Senior Consultant. David joins the expanding playbook pratice team in the Austin office. The playbook pratice is part of the training and readiness service line.
  • Todd Rankin joins 33Across as Detroit Sales Director Sales Director
  • Courtney Kurland joins 33Across as Midwest Sales Director Sales Director
  • Maurice Moore also joins 33Across as Vice President of Sales for CPG & Retail Maurice is responsible for growing the company’s revenue from these channels and creating a go-to-market strategy.
  • Amber Porter Cox joins Lithium Technologies as Agency Partner Manager Responsible for creating, shaping and overseeing the global rollout of Lithium’s agency partner program. Effectively, this candidate will architect, implement and lead the agency and SI partner revenue framework for the company.
  • Noel Pullen joins HootSuite as  Director of Web Noel is charged with analyzing and delivering the most useful and reliable web-based social media functionality as fast as possible to HootSuite customers.
  • Aki Kaltenbach joins HootSuite Director of Solution Partners. Aki is responsible for developing and managing HootSuite’s Solution Partner Program which includes the management, training and coaching of Partner Managers, as well as engaging with international Solution Partners.
  • Don Martelli joins d50 as Media Senior Manager of Integrated Communications Responsible for developing content strategies that reach mass media in coordination with the social team, i.e. PR fused with social media
  • Abigail Gilmore joins d50 Media  as Social Media Journalist Abby participates in day-to-day social media efforts for clients as well as act as a “feet on the street” reporter and representative for client events.
  • Alexander Castro joins Adchemy as vice president of products Alexander’s product management experience will further Adchemy’s product strategy and roadmap.
  • Judy Madden joins Adchemy as vice president of human resources Serve as the driving force behind Adchemy’s 2012 prerogative to hire top talent
  • Karen Cassel executive vice president and general manager of performance marketing Responsible for scaling’s business to effectively expand its offering and better serve more of the 43.5 million Americans providing unpaid care to their aging and ailing loved ones age 50 or older; focused on helping families across the country who haven’t yet found the right eldercare resources, or who are in immediate need of caregiving information and support
  • Tom Humbarger joins AppleOne (part of the Act-1 Group)  as Manager, Marketing and Social Media Strategy AppleOne is a leading staffing company with over 200 offices in the US and Canada. Tom will be responsible for expanding and protecting AppleOne’s customer relationships with an emphasis on participation within social media and related platforms.

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  1. Technology has done a great job putting us in touch with the people we don’t live close to, 
    It has not done as great a job, in the past, of helping us connect with the people right outside our door. Great post.

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  3. Individual corporations are not alone in their quest for Social Change. There are many out there striving to reach the same goals. This article explains its value to be gained by pooling resources when people with can work together to build credibility with their relationships and effect larger change. When your they makes the effort to effect Social Change and share the results, take the time to measure what you have done and the impact. 

    Look at the comments of people and friends that they make on Facebook, the followers on Twitter, and the feedback you receive.  Be proud of the difference made and push to reach new heights in future projects.

  4. Craft your message. For the same reason that you must know and understand your goals ahead of time, you must also have crafted your message or messages before choosing a network.

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