Slides: Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist (Keynote)

Last week, I closed off WOMMA 2010 as the closing keynote, and presented Altimeter’s recent research on the Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist (read the report) to a few hundred folks.

In the closing recommendations on slide 58, you’ll find six very specific recommendations on how to stay out of the ‘Social Media Help Desk’, and how to ensure you’ll stay proactive (like the 59% who are) and increase your changes to reach ‘Escape Velocity’.

In the sprit of Open Research, the slides are embedded below, which you are free to download, use, and share, as long as you kindly attribute to Altimeter Group, the more you advocate us, the easier it makes it for us to produce more. I would love to keynote your next conference, webinar, internal training, or assist with planning for 2011.