Thank you Forrester, a Grand Adventure!

Thank you Forrester!  When I announced I’d be joining Forrester nearly two years ago, I knew it would have been one of the best moves in my career. I certainly feel I was right. Being a Forrester Analyst is a top role to have in any industry, and one that I’ll bear proudly for the rest of my professional career.

Working with the industry’s smartest minds in marketing, strategy, and social has been fantastic, the quality of my colleagues has always kept me learning.  During my tenure I’ve been given the opportunity to segment the crowded community platform market, identify spending trends in social, and forecast the future of the social web.  As one would expect, one of the greatest benefits of being an industry analyst is seeing where trends are pointing and identify the direction of the market.  Having studied this market in-depth as an analyst, I’m looking forward to getting back into the field to apply them.

For those currently working with Forrester, my ever-gracious hiring manager Christine gives details on my transition and will keep the dialog going.  As she points out, there’s a whole team of analysts that are focused on the social marketing, I’d like to recognize a few of my immediate colleagues  Nate Elliott, Sean Corcoran, Emily Riley and of course luminary Josh Bernoff, who’s now working on his next book.  I’ve relied on them for research and projects, and you should too.

Thank you so much for letting me serve the social space as an industry analyst –I look forward to the years of growth ahead.   So let’s keep in touch, I want to get your feedback about my next role that I’ll be announcing next week, you can email me at jeremiah_owyang at or connect with me on Twitter.

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  1. Jeremiah – The thanks go to you for the ideas, positive spirit, and friendship. It’s been a joy.

    VP and Research Director, Forrester

  2. Jeremiah,

    I’m looking forward to hearing what your next move will be. Of course, you’ll be a merit to whomever you work for and with, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon to hear all about it!


  3. Congratulations Jeremiah.Was going to Tweet you — but Twitter is down. I know it’ll be a great move forward for you – whatever it is. Best of luck for the future. You’ll be sorely missed if you don’t continue your objective, informative and insightful analysis and reporting on Web 2.0 and new media trends and apps. Especially for non-tech business people. Your ability to break it down, in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand manner is rare.



  4. Wow! Exciting news for you man! The conversation yesterday was a great one, albeit too short. I look forward, like everyone else, to hearing about what’s next for you.

    Wherever you’re going is lucky to have you!

  5. Can’t wait to hear what you’ll be doing next, Jeremiah! Your work with Forrester and your expertise in the social space has been invaluable!

    Best wishes,

  6. Jeremiah,

    Looking forward to hearing about your next move. I know this would be the talk of Twitter…if Twitter was actually working today 🙂

  7. Jeremiah,

    Looking forward to the announcement on your next project. The Forrester blog post was very gracious and complimentary of your services – that speaks well both of you and the organization. Work is a series of interesting projects.

  8. Jeremy,

    Best of luck to both you and Forrester. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter, as I suspect you will not sway far from our interest in social media

  9. I have only been following you for a couple of months, but have gone into the archives of what you have written. It has helped me tremendously in my new role as Community Manager. I can’t thank you enough, and as with all of your followers, we are anxious to see what your next venture is.

  10. You’ve added a tremendous amount of value to the industry and I have a tremendous amount of admiration and appreciation of your work. Thanks for the great conversations. Best of luck wherever you go next. Unless it’s to xxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxxx, and a few other places, because that’d be a declaration of war. You know how Britney gets when she’s angry…

    Michael Chin

  11. You’ve added a tremendous amount of value to the industry and I have a tremendous amount of admiration and appreciation of your work. Thanks for the great conversations. Best of luck wherever you go next. Unless it’s to xxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxxx, and a few other places, because that’d be a declaration of war. You don’t want to make Britney angry :-).

    – Michael Chin

  12. Jeremiah!

    Congrats on taking on the next step, whatever that maybe. It’s been great seeing all the opportunities you’ve had at Forrester and also the people you’ve worked with before Forrester.



  13. I have never worked with you professionally, but have worked with another Forrester analyst on several occasions and have been impressed with the firm. Good luck in your next endeavor.

  14. Jeremiah, having seen you present ideas too radical for most of the attendees of the 09 Customer Reference Forum (you bet they are now using them in their FY10 planning) and having met you it was clear that the move to a large analyst house was a no-brainer (well done Forrester). Awaiting your next news with interest…

  15. Jeremiah: congratulations on a strong run at Forrester and on your next move, where ever that takes you. How one leaves an organization often says more about them than what they did while there. You excelled at both.


  16. Congrats! And, look forward to connecting up at next “social gulch” …hopefully we can plan on 1 soon.

  17. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished to date, Jeremiah — and on all the adventures to come! Looking forward to working together in your next role.

    Sanjay Dholakia
    Lithium Technologies

  18. Congrats, Jeremiah, on continuing to reinvent yourself. I find that in today’s environment, you can pack in a lifetime of learning in two years and then the challenge is to figure out how to leverage that learning. Looks like you are doing that.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how changing places will add to your perspective on social media and your ability to contribute even more to the discipline. (BTW–thanks for all that you have already contributed. Your blog is an invaluable resource.)

    My best wishes in your new adventure!

  19. Jeremiah,

    I think you’ve really advanced the conversation and significantly deepened our understanding of social media and its impact to individuals, companies, job roles, careers and beyond. Along with your work, I’ve appreciated so much your openness and accessibility, which too has changed the analyst industry itself.

    Good luck and all my best.


  20. Jeremiah, Thank you for the dialogue and best of luck to you in your next endeavor! I look forward to connecting. Our team at Neighborhood America thanks you for your enduring dedication to the field.

  21. Congrats and best wishes for your new venture. Will continue following your wise insights wherever you go! Thank you for all your wonderful information and kindness.

  22. Wow, seems like only yesterday I was bringing the kids to your place for your joining Forrester party. Has it already been that long?

    I still need to buy you lunch and tell you about my 9/15 launch!

  23. Congrats with your new move! Tis the year of innovation and transition. Looking forward to the next chapter of exciting content.


  24. Best of luck Jeremiah! You have been a rock star in this space and I’m looking forward to seeing where you end up.

    Kudos to Forrester for bringing you on board and for allowing you a space to share your insights.

  25. Jeremiah,

    You set the bar pretty high there! We have all benefited from your insight and especially your dedication! Well done, and I wish you the greatest success with your next move!


  26. It was great watching you grow as an analyst. The industry is certainly less without your passion, commitment and insight.

  27. The social media marketing world grew and profited immensely from your view and insight. Good luck in what ever is next!

  28. Jeremiah, it was a pleasure to meet you at SES/San Jose. Best of luck with your future endeavors! I am sure we’ll all be eagerly awaiting the next phase of your career and what insights you’ll share with us. 🙂

    Beth Harte
    Community Manager, MarketingProfs

  29. Jeremiah – sad to see you move on – you’ve provided, for some time, outstanding and valuable analysis about social media. But at the same time, I’m happy to see you pursuing your passion to directly work on the things you’ve been talking about. Good luck!

  30. Forrester was very lucky to have you as long as it did. I’m sure your future will be even brighter, and I konw that you will put to good use what you learned there. It was a pleaure to have the chance to work briefly with you and I’ll be watching intently to see your next steps!

  31. All the best in your next adventure. I’ve appreciated your research, insights and advice. I’m sure in your next gig you’ll continue innovating, leading by example and helping us all to become more social.

  32. Jeremiah,

    Have truly enjoyed all you have shared so far. Your perspective and tips and tools for success are top-notch. I’m sure whatever is next for you will be just as valuable and instrumental.



  33. J-

    Have so enjoyed all of your tweets and our conversations throughtout the last couple of years. You are a rockstar in everything you do. Cannot wait to see what your new adventure holds for you, or all of us as dedicated fans.

    Erik Boles

  34. Been enjoying your blog for more than two years now. Look forward to following you on your next grand adventure. All the best.

  35. I am delighted for you.

    You have been a very educational, classy and unofficial mentor to a Baby Boomer who was way behind, but now current as can be, due to you.


  36. It’s been great working and chatting with you since I started here – best wishes with whatever your next great adventure brings.

  37. Congrats man – It’s been an honor working with you (not at Forrester, of course, but here on the blog and such). Can’t wait to see what the next phase holds.

  38. Congratulations Jeremiah on all of your contributions to this industry. All of us rely on your insights.

    Change is good. Continue leading the way!

  39. Congratulations on your exciting news Jeremiah. Sufficiently big enough news that we can blame you for breaking Twitter DMs tonight!

    On a more serious note, I would like to personally thank you for all your hard work, insights and willingness to share with the rest of us. I have benefited tremendously from it. You’re a living testament to the principle of giving back to the community in order to receive.

    I, along with everyone else here, are eager to hear about what you will be doing next. Congrats again and may the next chapter be as rewarding for you as this one has.

  40. Huge news! Congrats Jeremiah, really looking forward to what’s next for you. You’re a standout blogger, marketer and person – I’m glad to have finally met you (even if briefly).


  41. Congratulations on a great collection of reasearch, writing and insight while at Forrester. I have enjoyed reading after you and look forward to hearing what you’re up to in your new adventure.

  42. Hello Jeremiah

    Great fan of your blog and insights. All the best to your new profile whatever it may be. I believe it will definitely be an exciting move! Looking forward to hear from your tweet. =)

  43. [Heavy sigh…] Jeremiah, your announcement comes with mixed emotions. Personally, I am thrilled for you as I’m sure after two great years at Forrester, you’re ready for your next challenge. Professionally, I’m sad to lose access to your expert insights as a Forrester analyst. As I’ve mentioned to you privately and publicly, you’ve done a tremendous job pushing forward the role of an analyst with your openness and transparency. For certain it will be hard to fill your shoes.

    The good news is, I know how to find you. And even though you won’t be officially researching the social space, I know you’ll continue to be a leader in the space and more importantly, a great filter for the terabytes of professional and consumer generated content. Best of luck my friend.


  44. Congratulations Jeremiah. I look forward to hearing about the next stage in your life. I wish you all the best. Give me a ping next time you’re in MPLS again!


  45. Congratulations, and kudos to the professionalism shown between you and Forrester. However, I hope this doesn’t mean web-strategist will change it’s content…unless you’re now able to do more!

    Also, really glad we got a a briefing last week before you left, it was affirming and motivating to our team.

    Keep up the great relationship building.

    Ben Foster

  46. Wow. Where have I been all day? It will be exciting to learn of your new endeavor. I’m sure many opportunities await you. Hopefully it’s a cool start up where you’ll make tons of money.. just like in the good old days.

  47. Jeremiah: I’ve been plugging away on other things, so haven’t been able to comment until now.

    I wish you all the best my friend. Know that you’ll be a force wherever you decide to land next.


  48. Wow – congratulations! And thank you so much for all of value you’ve given over the years: looking forward to the next level. Next time you’re in Tokyo, I hope we get to meet for a cup of tea 🙂

  49. Thank you for all, jeremiah,
    I’m a web marketing strategist and I read every day your blog, I understand your situation and I think that you have a very big potential.
    I now that your next work will however a very interesting work so I’ll continue to follow you, in your blog and in your tweet

  50. Job well done and good luck for the future.

    I am looking forward to the blog posts and updated on how you see companies progress through the various social maturity levels.


  51. Joshua, congratulations on taking the first step to your next adventure. I hope that you find it even more rewarding than your role with Forrester.

    Best regards,

    Ged Carroll, director – digital strategies, Ruder Finn

  52. Congrats Jeremiah,
    I hope we have the chance to work together at your next gig. I think it’s going to work out brilliantly for you.
    Leverage Software

  53. The social media space has changed a lot for professionals. It’s transitioned from “cool, you’re a social media expert?” to “yet another social whatever, get lost!”. Nowadays, everybody is a social media expert as everybody uses the same tools, reads the same analyses, thinks the same things. The market is more than over-saturated with “social media experts”.

    In this light, I have lots of sympathy for your move. Let’s get real again. We shouldn’t just talk about “change”, we should implement “change”.

    Best, Jenny

  54. Best of luck with the move. I, and no doubt your thousands of other followers, are keen to know whether you’ll still be running this blog with the same valuable insights and news.

    Or will Forrester be taking it over given that you’ve posted to it as a Forrester employee / on Forrester’s clock?

  55. Congratulations, Jeremiah!
    Wishing you the best and success with you next challenge and I hope you will keep us up to date -as you ever do- with your interesting posts

    Michael from Buenos Aires

  56. Congrats! Can’t wait to see where you end up. I also hope you stay as visible and vocal as always. You have a whole audience looking to you for info and opinions. Best to you!

  57. My feedreader has lit up with all the blogs reporting “Jeremiah is quitting…”

    I’m excited to see what going to happen next… the best is yet to come for you. We wish you the best!

    Trang says hi!

  58. Jeremiah, I check blogs in your space daily to keep up with digital innovations for my career. Yours was the very best of all of them. Best wishes on your new role, I just wish I knew that you were looking – we are hiring!



  59. Jeremiah, Thank you for your great insights and analysis during your tenure at Forrester’s. And congratulations to you for making a bold new step. Looking forward to hearing your announcement next week. Hope you have some vacation time planned for.

    Maikel van de Mortel

  60. Thanks for all you’ve done for us Jeremiah. I hope to continue working with you.

  61. Congrats from me to. Its been a joy reading your thoughts and ideas. Really hope you will keep sharing with us your fans 🙂

    Good luck with what ever you are about to do.


  62. Hi Jeremiah, as an avid follower I enjoyed many of your take on social marketing and trends. I believe when a door closes, it opens up another better one.

    All the best and keep dishing out smart thoughts.

    Ola. Ayeni
    Mobile dialog

  63. Jeremiah,

    I have been following you since a mutual friend, Shel Holtz, referred me to your work and thinking. I’ve agreed with about 95% of your positions but you have always made me think. Best wishes on your next adventure, whatever that may be.


  64. Jeremiah,

    You are a class act, brother, and Forrester was also lucky to have you for you helped enable their thought leadership in this space. I look forward to the next, brilliant step of your life-journey.


    SN Vineberg

  65. Jeremiah,

    It’s always a challenge to know when to leverage what you’ve gained. Good luck in your next chapter. I’m looking forward to reading the updates.

  66. Congrats on the transition, Jeremiah. I’m sure your next steps will be exciting and rewarding and I look forward to absorbing more of your insights in the years to come.

  67. Congrats! Like most everyone here – interested in hearing more about what your future holds. Look forward to the continued conversation.

  68. Jeremiah,

    Your contributions to the social media community and your work at Forrester during this period will be remembered by many, many people as great work and a great chap to boot!

    I think you really helped to lead the analyst community on how to use social media for commentary and extending your leadership within the whole business community.

    You’ve written some very important research on social engagement, job resources and social networking. But I think more importantly it was often how you reached out to the wider community to ask for advice, perspective and insight, that deserves the highest praise. You really knew how to use community management to write about social media and ironically community management!

    Where ever you land next, I know you will do well, and I look forward to reading more here on your blog.

  69. John, thank you, it was great working with you too. There are some interesting twists, yes I used the same tools I was covering, I found it very, very helpful.

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