Guest Post: Finding Forrester’s Next Social Analyst

Jeremiah: Working at Forrester is a capstone in my career, it could also be for you. Charles Telep, Forrester’s talent recruiter is guest posting here at the Web Strategy blog to find my replacement. I fully endorse working at Forrester here for a plethora of reasons, here’s just a few: 1) Jump start your career, 2) Work with some of the world’s smartest people, 3) Get connected with nearly everyone in your industry, (lots of travel) 4) Learn trends and market movement 5) Great upside opportunities, pay, benefits, and culture. 6) Develop analytical, consulting, and speaking skills, 7) Learn what “4C2Q1S” means. 8: Drink fine French champagne!

Here’s Charles’s Note To The Next Social Analyst:

Greetings Strategists,

My name is Charles Telep (@forresterjobs) and I’m working with Christine Overby, VP/Research Director, Serving Interactive Marketing Professionals, to find the next great social media analyst.

Are you up to the challenge? Do you know someone who is?

A bit about Forrester: We’re a global, independent Research firm that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology. We research, strategize, consult, and help our clients with their biggest tech challenges. Forrester is a challenging workplace, and we’d like you to help identify how technology is changing consumer behavior.

The Forrester Culture: Our CEO, Chairman, and Founder—George Colony (Blog / Twitter) has been quoted as saying: “If you’re not having fun, you shouldn’t be here.” We’re a smart, innovative company that hires people of the same caliber. I tell candidates, “We hire rock stars and let them do their thing.”

If you think you’d like to join the Interactive Marketing Team, take a look at the bullets below, or job description, and qualify yourself.

“Would I hire me?”

Non-negotiables that you should consider:

• Am I in the Bay area (or ready to be in the Bay Area)?
• Am I influential in the social community? Questions like “How many Twitter followers do I have” or “how many comments do I average per blog post” should come to mind.
• Would I know any of the names of those who comment on your blog, link to your blog or follow you on Twitter (to represent quality of influence, not just quantity)?
• Am I interested in covering the application of communities and social networks for interactive marketing programs?
• Could I effectively analyze the future of social technology, and organizational models that support social media marketing?
• Can I articulate how social tools enhance the core analyst job?

Thanks for reading this; I look forward to hearing from you.

Charles Telep
Talent Acquisition
Forrester Research
ctelep (at)
Forrester Community

Jeremiah: I look forward to seeing this new analyst, and glad Charles took up the offer to guest post. I plan on being a friend to the Forrester family for many, many years.