Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: Nov 26, 2008


I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an industry analyst. By creating this digest (I started this over a year ago) it really helps me to stay on top of the space I cover.

I’ve created a new category called Digest (view archives). Start with the Web Strategy Summary, then quickly scan the succinct and categorized headlines, read text for my take, and click link to dive in for more.

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Web Strategy Summary
Facebook reportadly in talks with Twitter, yet the deal did not go through, Kickapps raises a hefty “C” round of finance for $14mm, and more niche social networks launch, this one for the affluent gay market and ailing. YouTube launches “live video” streaming and MySpace couples with Guns and Roses for web launch.

Stats: Collection of Social Network Stats
I’ve started to aggregate stats of all kinds, growth, revenue, demographics, website usage, and more on this page of Social Networks Site Usage: Visitors, Members, Page Views, and Engagement by the Numbers in 2008. Bookmark it, and share it with others as I continue to update it.

No Deal: Facebook was in talks with Twitter
Kara Swisher uncovers a story about Facebook in talks with Twitter, yet no more, which they didn’t admit in public when probed. Some suspect exit strategy of overvalued equity a concern.

Funding: Kickapps Raises $14mm
This C round of $14mm should hold Kickapps through much of the economic downturn if they invest it correctly as well as bank some capital away.

Advertising: Baidu withdraws advertising from alleged scammers
Baidu apologizes for publishing ads from unlicensed medical practioners which critics call scams. I guess in this case the messenger has a responsibility to provide quality advertising.

Video: Scoble interviews Context Optional
The famous video blogger Robert Scoble interviews Kevin Barenblat’s of Context Optional to discuss how advertisements are now becoming interactive ads, watch the 6 min video to get the short.

Numbers: LinkedIn Stats from CEO
8 million to more than 30 million, while the staff has expanded from 60 to 370 employees, CEO alludes (but doesnt confirm nor deny) that revenues are $75 (million) to $100 million says this interview with SFgate.

Enterprise 2.0: Social Networks not ready for business?
This article weighs the different viewpoints from business leaders about the opportunities for social networks within the enterprise. Although we see rabid adoption among consumers, is there value inside of the firewall? Read more to understand different opinions.

Verticals: Social Network for Gays and Businesses
GayWallet launches, in hopes of connecting the affluent gay market with companies what want to cater to their community. We continue to see niche social networks for every walk of life and interest.

Media: MySpace launches Guns and Roses latest album
Gaining lots of attention, Mr Rose launches his overdue album on social network MySpace which caters to a strong self-expression and media hungry audience. See the MySpace page which today has 75 million listens and 441k friends. To put this into perspective some of the top selling albums (sure a different medium) had 29 million album buys –Eagles.

Vertical: Social Network for sick and dying
More niche players emerge as this one for the ailing called caring bridge launches, the examiner has the story.

Visualization: Facebook shows off it’s global data
Global thermonuclear war? Wargames? Not quite, Facebook’s latest featured video shows off all the data that’s being created in the world on it’s platform, and how it’s shared. Trippy.

Video: YouTube Live makes video real time
Google’s YouTube launched a live show to showcase top performers and video bloggers in this first ever stream. Expect YouTube to take a more center stage in the family room experience –they also launched a wide screen player, a first step to going HD.

Research: Users on Social Networks but advertising “Anemic”
A recent IDC reports that there’s strong usage of consumers using these social networks, but brand advertising is still a miss. Yup, but we have to remember there are multiple ways to approach social netwroks, and the first way should be community marketing, which means being a resource to them and talking with them –not at them.

Etiqutte: Facebook Do’s and Dont’s
Forget polishing school for your Saturday supper clubs, now it’s time to pay attention to social network behavior, this polite guide gives the top five dos and donts.

Advertising Network: Glam media launches widget network
Some say that interactive widgets show higher engagement and interaction that traditional ads and Glam Media is rolling out a widget advertising network across 50 of it’s properties.

Culture: Examples of people being “Stupid” on social networks
What happens in the lockerroom doesn’t belong on social networks, read these three examples of some real winners, in “don’t be stupid

If you’re a social network, or widget company, I want to know of your news, send me an email, or leave a comment below. Help me stay up to date.

Stats: Have you seen my collection of Social Networks Site Usage: Visitors, Members, Page Views, and Engagement by the Numbers in 2008? Bookmark it, and share it with others as I continue to update it.

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  1. I wonder if YouTube is going to be the first online content network to become another “channel” of sorts. Will we be saying, NBC, Fox, Comedy, YouTube?

    If set top boxes and computers get closer to becoming the same entity seems pretty likely in my book.

  2. Great post! I have to admit that was completely amazed for the niche social networks. Just to throw something for the discussion board…someone believes that there might be room for a social network for smokers? That might be interesting considering all the increasing regulation for that industry…any thoughts?????

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