16 Replies to “Forrester Report: Vendor Product Catalog of Community Platforms For The Interactive Marketer”

  1. Rosie, They are more than welcome to submit, and I hope they do, as they will be included.

    I was very active in blog posts, tweets and reaching out to get as many as I could to submit. I can’t personally contact the 80-120 vendors (depending on how you count) but was able to get more than half the market.

  2. Jeremiah, thanks. Sure I understand. Saw you reaching out over the past few months.

    Is it a longer term goal to include as many as possible? or is it mostly down to companies to make the effort to get listed?

    I really appreciate the list and in the meantime I’ve got some homework to do!

  3. Sam

    Naw, we had a DB error, it’s being added now. hang tight. Forwarding this to techies.

    Rosie, this is intended to catalog the entire industry of vendors that want to participate.

    Now the Wave on the other hand (what I’m working on now) is just going to be a select few that meet the needs of Fortune 5000 interactive marketers, there will only be 9 vendors in that one.

  4. I just put in a nomination for social text 3.0, and reached out to the vendor hopefully they will submit.

    I know they are technically a wiki, but they are just releasing some really social networking features in version 3.0 of their product.

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  6. I think because Ning is a platform and not a custom social network. Startups do not own their code, they lease it as well as their community data.

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