Video: Sea World’s Social Media Program and Measurement (7:10)

If you’re in need of a vacation, take this roller coaster ride with Shel Israel, who’s on a mission to explore social media when it comes to companies, a topic I’m focused on as a researcher. Sea World worked with Kami Huyse to “move the needle” to reach out to an influence community called “American Coaster Enthusiasts” to reach them using social media tools. They used YouTube, Flickr to publish their media and encouraged the community to use the videos (creative commons rights) and were encouraging content to be created. You’ll learn that this six week campaign reaches specific downloads and activity, some were downloaded 100,000 times. What about this makes a good strategy? Sea World found their passion community … Continue readingVideo: Sea World’s Social Media Program and Measurement (7:10)

Getting ready for next weeks’ Forrester Marketing Forum in L.A.

We’re gearing up for next weeks’ Marketing Forum in Los Angeles, with over 800 expected attendees, the company is really excited to deliver great content, facilitate networking, and showcase technology vendors that help solve marketing problems. The speaker lineup is impressive, aside form Forrester analysts presenting their key industry findings we’ve speakers from Fedex, Nike, Wal-Mart, Dell, Leapfrog, and more. The event team has been working hard to prepare all the logistics, and I’ve already listened in to dress rehearsals for presentations (our speakers rehearse dozens of times, in order to deliver high value) Also, each of the attendees are getting a copy of the upcoming Groundswell book. I’ve been asked to do what I’m best at, help facilitate social … Continue readingGetting ready for next weeks’ Forrester Marketing Forum in L.A.

Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: April 2, 2008

I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an analyst. I’ve created a new category called Digest (view archives). Start with the Web Strategy Summary, then quickly scan the succinct and categorized headlines, read text for my analysis, and click link to dive in for more. You can subscribe to this digest tag only, which filters only these posts tagged digest. Need to make decisions about your web strategy? I’m here to help: subscribe to my blog, sign up for emails (right nav), or follow me on Twitter. Web Strategy Summary Culture continues to be impacted by social networks, more real world case studies emerge and adoption continues to … Continue readingWeekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: April 2, 2008

I Remember Exodus

Note: This is a repost of a previous post I had on my older blog, I’m reposting it as it’s still relevant, and I’m migrating some of my older content to this blog. Left: The “e” from the Exodus logo that formerly used to reside on the HQ building. It’s currently in my garage, and I look at it every time I park my car –because I want to remember I started my career at Exodus Communications, and was there for three long years. If you know your internet history, Exodus was a flagship turned bloated startup that exploded, then died painfully into highway 101. (I didn’t do it, I swear!). We hosted pretty much everyone, massive data centers with … Continue readingI Remember Exodus

How to Deal with Internal Stakeholders

The Web Strategist deals with many internal customers A Web Strategist is an web decision maker, in context of this blog, they are often within large corporations. They have internal customers that range from marketing, product teams, product marketing, support, PR, advertising, IT, and a plethora of external vendors. For many web strategists’ much of your effort won’t be dealing with users or your web team of developers and designers but with internal stakeholders. I’ve seen a lot of this when I was corporate web manager, and I’d guess that over 50% of my time was spent dealing with requests, problems, prioritization of internal stakeholders. (I managed an enterprise intranet, extranet, and aligned a disparate enterprise intranet) Your internal customer: … Continue readingHow to Deal with Internal Stakeholders