Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: April 2, 2008


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Web Strategy Summary
Culture continues to be impacted by social networks, more real world case studies emerge and adoption continues to rise. Watch OpenSocial as more containers (social networks) adopt the protocol and widgets will spread in an easier method.

Guide: Picking a Community Partner
A great practical guide on how to select a white label social network or community vendor.

Web Usage UK: 25% of 8-11 year olds on Social Networks
The trend continues on as social networks become a major form of communication for our next generation. It really seems as if the adoption of social networks is happening at a faster rate than nearly all other forms of communication.

Jobs: Facebook ad Career Builder partner
Facebook to now received Career Builder job modules to help it’s highly educated member based to benefit from job listings. Expect to see job posting widgets appear from competitors.

Art: Social Network Visualized
Social networks visualized in this fascinating graph where members relationships are seen.

Trend: Real time chat to be new Social Networking feature
Expect to see more containers –and vendors —offering chat features for social networks, expect attention rates to increase on social networks as members communicate longer periods of time.

Culture, woman murdered over Facebook usage
This sad article depicts a father angry over a daughter’s Facebook usage in a conservative culture.

Segmentation: Social Networking for Small Businesses
Great to see Rodney Rumford featured in this recent article from Forbes discussing how small businesses connect using social networks.

Container: Hi5 launches widget platform
In the next container to launch it’s widget container for opensocial applications, Hi5 now opens it’s doors. Hi5 has a launch program with restrictions on how much an app can distract the user experience.

Verticals: More music artists launch social networks
A great opportunity for the white label social networking industry to grow communities for fans including Kylie Minogue, and 50 Cent.

Leave a comment if there’s a story I missed.

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