(Forbes) Greenpeace Vs. Brands: Social Media Attacks To Continue

After the recent social media brandjackings by Greenpeace of Nestle’s Facebook page, this was an important area that required more research.  Below, you’ll find an exclusive interview with Greenepeace’s team, and interestingly, I believe they are more organized and sophisticated than the average brand -giving them the opportunity to overwhelm their opposition using their strong supporter base.  Below is my Forbes article, which was originally posted the CMO network (or you can read it on Forbes).  This is a great article for brand managers, PR, agencies, and social media professionals. Greenpeace Vs. Brands: Social Media Attacks To Continue Citizen activists increasingly use social networks to bash brands. By Jeremiah Owyang Most companies are barely prepared to deal with unhappy customers … Continue reading(Forbes) Greenpeace Vs. Brands: Social Media Attacks To Continue

Forbes: How To Create A Customer Advocacy Program

Social media doesn’t scale.  That’s right, social media doesn’t scale.  Consumers will only increase their adoption of social technologies, most social networking data shows this is going ‘up and to the right’.  You can never hire enough community managers to manage your millions of customers that are now using social channels to communicate.  You must have a strategy to scale. This article, which I originally wrote on my regular column on the Forbes CMO network explains in pragmatic steps what marketing executives must do to develop a scalable program.  I look forward to hearing what you’ve learned below. How To Create A Customer Advocacy Program CMOs must tap the voices of their customers. While marketers traditionally were the direct channel … Continue readingForbes: How To Create A Customer Advocacy Program

Forbes: Super Bowl, A Missed Opportunity For Pepsi

Left: Pepsi launched a bold social marketing play, find out what went well –and what opportunities were missed. Greetings, fellow strategists, In my latest column for the Forbes CMO Network (you can read all my Forbes pieces) I analyzed Pepsi’s big push into social. Also, you should see my detailed field notes, (I did my research before, during, and after the game, thanks to Trendrr folks) to measure any specific changes, before coming up with my findings. I did contact Pepsi pre article to get comments, although they sent me an email after the Forbes piece was up, see bottom response. Super Bowl: A Missed Opportunity For Pepsi Cola maker should promote its social cause on TV. PepsiCo ditched the … Continue readingForbes: Super Bowl, A Missed Opportunity For Pepsi

Forbes: A Year In Review: 2009 Social Marketing Trends

Here’s my latest column in Forbes, which I’ve also posted below.  I’m leaning on naming this CMO focused column “The Connected Customer”, which appears to be a theme, what would you name it? A Year In Review: 2009 Social Marketing Trends The connected customer leaves brands in the dust. As we close out the year, it’s important to look back at what happened in social marketing in order to plan for the future. There were four key trends in 2009 that CMOs should reflect on, starting at the macro level then shifting down to micro real-time updates. They are: The Recession Spurred Consumers to Adopt Social Technologies. Humans are social creatures and, as a result, they tend to band together … Continue readingForbes: A Year In Review: 2009 Social Marketing Trends

Social Technology Impacts Every Customer Touchpoint

Forbes CMO Network, An Insightful Resource For Marketing Leaders I’m serving CMOs by teaming up with the Forbes as a regular contributor. My goal? To guide marketing leadership on how to leverage disruptive technologies and meet business goals.   At a more detailed level, this blog will continue to aim at providing nitty-gritty breakdowns, frameworks, and insights.  Use these two resources in tandem to both develop strategies, and then implement best practices across the organization. [Companies Must Develop A Holistic Strategy, As Social Technologies Impact Every Customer Touchpoint] Social Technologies are a Horizontal –Not A Vertical Approach It continues to amaze the market that such simple social technologies can impact the entire organization.  In fact, social technologies, at the core, … Continue readingSocial Technology Impacts Every Customer Touchpoint

Insights for CMOs: A Column For Forbes

I’m very thankful that Forbes has extended me an offer to be a regular contributor discussing emerging technologies for the evolving customer strategy. CMOs are hungry for information. The information landscape is in flux, consumers are more empowered as they assert control using social technologies. Additionally, things are moving faster, as mobile devices and microblogging makes real-time responses from companies not fast enough.  As a result, they are thirsty for what’s next, and how they can get ahead of the curve –with minimal risk. This regular monthly (or more) column on the Forbes CMO network (@ForbesCMO) isn’t reporting, but instead will marry industry level insight and provide pragmatic advice. After I post industry insights at Forbes, I’ll also cross-post or … Continue readingInsights for CMOs: A Column For Forbes