Risk Management: Guarding the Gates (Altimeter Report)

Interestingly, I’ve been meeting more compliance, legal, and governance professionals in meetings involved in brand side discussions around social business strategies.  To understand the needs of this specific role’s goal is to protect the company but enable business to connect to customers Altimeter conduct an Open Research project

My colleagues Analyst Alan Webber and Researcher Jaimy Szymanski interviewed 33 professionals and vendors on the front end of social media risk management and surveyed 92 professionals who said social media risk management was either a significant part or the primary part of their job. The result is our report Guarding The Social Gates: The Imperative For Social Media Risk Management which looks at the newly emerging field of social media risk management.

If you’re a social strategist, (or serve one on agency or vendor side) it’s important you know how to manage risk as you roll out social business programs. Please forward this research report to those who are guarding the gates.

This Open Research report includes:

  • Interviews with 33 professionals of vendor and risk management, including those from top brands.
  • Survey of 92 professionals who have a significant part or the primary part of their job in risk management
  • Nearly a dozen frameworks, graphics, charts, and flow diagrams



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  1. I finish my Diploma in Computing and I want study Risk Management on Social Media, please any one that can help me out with Information were I can find the University offering the Program? my contact is fulani14@gmail.com.

  2. Social media isn’t a new risk, it is a new avenue for the previous risks of damage to brand, reputation, privacy, regulatory, etc. These risks existed before but with social media are just easier for the risk to spread quickly. Social media risk analysis and management should be a part of an entity’s risk management program, not a separate activity. The social media team is an integral part of monitoring and managing the risk but there are other more serious risks that also need to me managed.

  3. Hi Jeremiah,

    Excellent report that you™ve shared in the post “ truly informative and well-constructed.
    And from the amount of research done (on the different persons and frameworks)
    I consider it of quite high value and authenticity. Thanks for sharing, dearly

  4. Great presentation. It’s true that, for all the potential benefits that come with social media, it also puts businesses in a precarious position when they don’t know how to utilize it.

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  6. It’s great information. I worked in compliance software space for a few years so this topic is close to my heart. In the past, many companies simply avoided the conversation about social media and risk management but now it’s such an integral part of every business and brand development that social risk management is a must. Many companies offer social media compliance training courses to their employees that I think it’s the best approach. Turning social media into a brand awareness and growth vehicle, not a risk factor, is the best thing to do.

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