Video: Dissection of the Career Path of the Social Strategist Report

I just love this, I first saw some tweets, from Joshua Salmons a social strategists at USAA (along with Augie Ray), the report coverage starts at minute 14.

This is valuable as we can hear directly from Josh his point of view and what others were saying at this Social Media Breakfast. What’s valuable is hearing from Joshua who actually have this role so I could understand their perspective on the two paths of the corporate strategist. You can read the whole report, to follow along with all of the talking points from Josh, and get the further details. I’ve embedded the key framework, which he references.

Just a point on clarity, the “social media helpdesk” wasn’t clearly articulated, we’ve changed the term to “Social Media Sanitation” as this is a role when strategists will be just cleaning up social media accounts for out-of-control business units (read a report addressing this pain), or constantly responding to customers haphazardly without a scalable strategy for social support (webinar here on how to build a scalable program).

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The Two Career Paths of the Corporate Social Strategist

We just love how our Open Research reports can spread and impact the good folks work at the world’s largest corporations.