Aspiration: Trusted (Negative) Customer Reviews on your Corporate Homepage

It may surprise you, but a sign of a mature social business is to allow negative customer reviews right on the homepage.

Hard pill to swallow? Absolutely. Many brand managers, CMOs and CEOs will resist tarnishing the brand, yet savvy social strategists know to enable a trusted place for prospects, reviews from actual customers will need to surface during their decision making process.

In fact, consumers often get this data from third parties, and the savvy strategist knows they want this to happen closer to their point of transaction on their corporate homepage. Why? It shows a sign of confidence that a brand is willing to allow all customer opinions closer to them, and ideally they are responding to fix issues.

Yet despite this, our recent survey found (our full Open Research report to come in Q1) that a majority of corporations are not aggregating customer reviews on the homepage, instead they are continuing to link away to social media owned (their own branded FB and Twitter accounts). Let’s continue to adopt trusted consumer content in all relevant digital touchpoints, and ensure we’re integrating across the entire customer lifecycle.

A sign of a mature social business is having trusted, and therefore negative customer reviews on the homepage.